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    Questionable Land Tax Assessment

    Hi Folks, I have 2 units the in the same block and recently got my 2005 Land Tax Assessment from my best friend Bob Carr. What I could not understand is that even though the units are on the same floor and almost identical in dimensions, (Might be a variance of about 3 Sq. Mtre's) the land tax...
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    Second garage to be leased as storage legal?

    The 2 garages are completely divided The 2 garages are completely divided
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    Second garage to be leased as storage legal?

    Hi there, I was in two minds about posting here or in the property management section but I came to the conclusion that it was more a legal issue than anything else. I have a unit with 2 garages side by side. The unit will be rented to one tenant with the inclusion of one garage. The second...
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    The ups and downs of property management

    I would like to know from people who work as property managers within real estate offices what the job is like. What are the good things and not so good things about the job?. I am thinking of doing it myself. I have done the registration course at REI and would be grateful if anyone would be...
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    Double Garage Problem

    There is also a power outlet. But an interesting point you raised is that maybe/possibly, the electricity from the light in the garage is charged to strata. Hmmmm I must investigate this. I would'nt have thought so though as the light in the garage is "inside" the garage which one would have...
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    Double Garage Problem

    I have just bought a unit which I am renovating and will be ready for rent in a couple of weeks. It has a double garage and they are divided by a brick wall (ie) they are completely separate from each other. In order to maximise my return I am aiming to offer the right tenant the following...
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    Freestyler Forums

    Can anyone tell me what has happened to the Freestyler forums? Do they still exist? Do they have a website? If not why not. I have been out of "the loop" for many months Thanks Please advise by mail if OK
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    Wow this new forum looks great

    Will take a bit of getting used to but a BIG improvement on the last one
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    Boom or Bust

    Reply: 2 From: John P Hi Neil, as Rolf said, 48 - 55 (if this is applicable)is not a long investment horizon so if you "are" intending to purchase an IP, how much longer can you afford to wait?. What if the property cycle does'nt do what you were expecting it to? I've always liked the Jan...
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    Casual Let through Agent

    Reply: 2 From: John P Sounds to me as though it has a lot to do with the fact that it's a cas. letting. (This should not be an excuse) but exactly how much work are they actually going to "bother" doing for 1 weeks rent? Sorry that this has happened to you Aaron. I am also undertaking a...
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    what have I done??

    Reply: 4 From: John P Well done Kevin. I know how you are feeling and given this is your first purchase, it's natural to feel the way you are feeling. I was the same with my first IP. It's called buyer's remorse. You will get over that very quickly and as several others have already...
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    How is your super going?

    Reply: 1.1.1 From: John P Could'nt have said it better myself manny!!! John Poulos
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    Good Investment

    Reply: 2 From: John P Did he get any fly buys??
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    A good landlord book?

    Reply: 2 From: John P Hi Jenny, I have a great book called: Managing Rental Property Author: Phillipa Bellemore Produced in Conjunction with the Dept of Fair Trading Redfern Legal Centre Publishing Approx $28.00 I think it is one of the best books around for landlords whether you manage...
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    Insurance on Unit

    Reply: 1 From: John P Hi Greg, with most Landlord Insurance Policies, you should be getting covered for things like: **Malicious Damage **Accidental Damage to fixtures and fittings **Public Liability anywhere between 5&10 Mil **Loss of rent due to premises being untenantable Building...