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    Stanhope v Baulkham Hills

    Original Q was asked in aug 2013 Just wanted to point out that the original Q was asked in Aug 2013.
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    How to find IPs (interstate) other than on domain/realestate?

    BAs in this market? Hell no!!! Hi Anisha, My experience in this booming market has been that no BA has special access to deals that you cannot research yourself on or Which sellers agent in his/her right mind would sell a property under market value to a...
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    Lets Talk Diamonds

    GIA certified I worked in a friend's diamond wholesale business ages ago doing the accounts. Dont know much about how to evaluate a stone however, Make sure the stone you get is GIA certified. There are all sorts of different certificates out there but GIA is the best. Round shape is usually...
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    Buyer's Agents

    Who did you finally go with?
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    Dilemma for Westmead off the plan purchase

    Think about how much will you be left with after paying for selling costs (Agents fees, conveyancing/solicitor fees etc). Applying for reval and releasing equity might be a better option. Mostly brokers can order free valuation report. Not sure how the grant works if you turn this into...
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    Your thoughts on southern sydney city - waterloo, mascot etc

    Why not Pyrmont itslef? I would buy a 2 bedder in Pyrmont itself if I were you. Factor in the annual costs of commute, add that to your annual repayment and work out your borrowing capacity backwards. You will be much closer to the city and also cut down on the commute time.
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    Roof tiles, drainage pipe and handrails

    Hi guys, I am abt to source a property in brisbane. Just got the building and pest report and some of the finidngs were 1 - roof verge tile falling off (pic attached) 2 - leaking drainage pipe (pic attached) 3 - rusted hot water tray I am trying to get a sense of how much it will...
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    Property investing is becoming addictive...#2

    Hi Nixba, Well done!!. Is Waterford West flood prone?
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    Is this block too narrow to build in back?

    They probably would have used a drone/quadcopter with a gopro camera mounted on it. Pretty cool shot though.
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    Thought on Mt Druitt Surrounding Area, 2770

    We bought in Emerton in April 2013 for 250k. Got a reval report yesterday from AMP @ 320k. Tenant has been in the property for 8 years or so. Absolutely no dramas at all so far.....touchwood. I wouldn't hesitate buying in 2770 again. The problem is the numbers don't stack up anymore if you want...
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    What would you do?

    Current Situation: Combined household income: $160k p.a IP 1 - 2-2-1 Unit in Western Sydney @ 84% LVR (Negatively geared $1200 per annum) IP 2 - 3-1-2 House in Western Sydney @ 75% LVR (Cashflow Neutral) Current Savings - $45k 2014 target is to buy PPOR in Northern Suburbs...
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    Whalan, NSW????

    Thanks Dave. Would I need both Landlord Insurance and Building Insurance ?? Apologies if it is a dumb Q....I am quite inexperienced and only starting off...:)
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    Whalan, NSW????

    Thanks Datto and Shahin. Here's why I said almost neutrally geared. Sorry could not copy amd paste the formatting. It could actually be positively geared If I get a better deal on interest rate. I have assumed it to be 5.75 Property Price $240,000 Deposit @ 10% $24,000 Stamp Duty $7,222...
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    Whalan, NSW????

    Hello fellow investors, Just wanted comments/opinions/suggestion/views on Whalan NSW. Just drove around the area the other day. Its within 3 kms from Mount Druit Westfield. The property that I inspected was a 3 bed, 1 Bath 1 car. Good size block around 600sqs. Its an old fibro house built in...