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    Need help with interpreting BCA & DCP

    The BCA (now NCC) for NSW prescribes requirements for building on the boundary. It is possible to construct a masonry wall on the boundary with a gutter in this alignment. The trick is attaining the correct fire resistance level and concurrence from Council - and your neighbour! I suggest...
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    Cycling (mainly road) I spend too much time (& money) pursuing this sport. I train 4-5 days per week and race club A grade with a handful of state level races each year. Love the sport despite how much it hurts!
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    Any architects here?

    Morning all, I'm an architect as well and agree with just about all that has been said to this point. I think that the 5 years full-time I spent at uni didn't necessarily teach me how to be an architect as such, rather it taught a specific way of thinking and approaching design problems...
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    Brick veneer ?

    No, the timber framed walls should not "give a little". They should feel solid. Perhaps you are pressing against some repaired gyprock between studs? In brick veneer construction, it is the timber (or steel) wall framing that supports the roof framing. The external brickwork is just a veneer...
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    Building on sand (Fern Bay)

    The majority of the slab area (some 350sqm) was just waffle pod on compacted bedding, but there were sections which were on fill and piers were required. Apologies for not proof reading previous was typed in haste.
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    $2m in 22 months - Rob's story ..

    Great reading Rob! All before me have expressed their gratitude for your generosity in sharing such an inspirational story, but I must add mine to the pile...Thanks! I'm very much looking forward to the next chapter. Best of luck to you mate. JJ
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    Building on sand (Fern Bay)

    I agree with the BlueCard and Craig. I have designed and documented several buildings on sandy sites and it is certainly fine to construct on. A rather large nursing home has just been completed a little north-east of Fern Bay, and is on a sandy site. The floor slabs (we used a waffle pod...
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    Conveyancer in Newcastle?

    G'day G, I have used a solicitor based in The Junction for my last 2 purchases and they were quite good: UTR Law, either Wayne Roddenby or Julie Fox. Best of luck, JJ
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    floor plan software

    Hi Splade, I'm glad my mutterings have made sense and managed to help a little! Feel free to ask anything and everything...afterall, that's how we learn. Unfortunately, no, I do not know any architects or drafties in Adelaide. I'm based in Sydney/Newcastle at the moment. Perhaps some of...
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    floor plan software

    Hi Splade, The difference between an architect and a draftsman/designer has been discussed on SS before, but in essence: Architect has 5 years at uni (2 degrees) followed by 2 years experience, and then exams to enable registration. This is because the title of "architect" is protected under...
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    floor plan software

    Hi Splade, Short answers: yes, I would take you seriously; no, it would not save design time; no, you do not need expensive tools. As an architect, I love it when clients bring sketches, magazine cut outs, drawings on napkins etc to show me what they're thinking. It is my job to...
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    Anyone done tilt up?

    Hi Kamak, You are right, Tilt-Up is much quicker than traditional building methods. I have designed quite a few warehouses and industrial sheds using tilt panels with good results. As Celica pointed out, it can be a cold material for walling and I would insulate the walls for living /...
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    House design - who do I see?

    Sounds very interesting, HA888. First port of call would be discussing your idea with a Council Planner. I assume you could download your Council's development guidelines (called Development Control Plans DCP and Local Environment Plans LEP here). This will prescribe what is and isn't...
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    House design - who do I see?

    Hi HA888 Minimum roof pitch is dependent upon roofing material and location. Sheet metal roofs can be as low as 1 degree, using Klip-Lok. Typical corrugated metal (known as Custom Orb) can go down to 5 degrees. Have a look at:
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    Poll: Mortgage Broker

    I've used a broker for my last two purchases and have been impressed. When it comes time for the next, they will be one of the first calls I make. I agree with Sailor....they are a great time saver. JJ