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    NSW Per Sqm Building rates??

    We looked into this with the local council, it is complying however the local council hasn't yet adopted or 'rolled out' as they say this incentive in this area. Its been approved, cc in atm. The blocks were purchased side by side, 3 vacant lots- 2 @550 and 1 at @610 sqm- We then rezoned...
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    NSW Per Sqm Building rates??

    CDC commercial development?:confused: The size and setup of the site allows my 4 villas residential finance, each are already subdivided and allocated lots. It's 4 small loans piled into one- pre approved already that way.
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    NSW Per Sqm Building rates??

    Thanks everyone, ok looks like I'm paying way to much. Shahin- do you have any builders you would recommend? I'll give them a call
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    NSW Per Sqm Building rates??

    Hey Everyone, Im looking to the SS gang to help me understand the construction costs at present? South Coast NSW, Wollongong area- Low, standard finishes building construction costs? Ive been working with a builder for the last few years at $1900 per SQM and I'm wondering if have...
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    The Boy from Nowhere

    THANKYOU! Just finished reading this at it was a game changer! Loved it and couldn't put it down, thankfully I had some long haul flights so had the time to finish the thing. A true Australian businessmen and a decent guy who made it, though in his eyes he just gave life his best.
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    Agent sale commission

    This is kinda off topic, but thought id ask. How long after gaining your licence as a real estate sales agent can you actually start selling and claiming commissions?
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    Commercial stock on market figures??

    Amazing thanks very much!
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    Commercial stock on market figures??

    Hey everyone, Either I'm useless at research (likely) or it is actually impossible to find data on this? Im trying to get the national or preferably quarterly stock on market figures for the states or a national average? Ive spend the last hour trying to find some info on this, the...
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    Buying while I'm overseas

    I've been buying most of my properties whilst overseas, be sure to have a power of attorney pointed! This will cover you in all circumstances..if worst comes to worst and thigs go pear shape, there's nothing worst then being out of the country and helpless!
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    Importing building stuff from overseas?

    MTR- Im considering making an import this year for 4 villas of my own. Ive been talking to someone that id send over and source/ control on my behalf. It would be nice to talk to some more professionals in this field however. Would you consider sharing this contact? Would he/she be interested...
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    Quantity surveyor? Can you recommend anyone?

    Great response, thanks everyone. Very much appreciated! Ill send an email through to all and see how I go..
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    Quantity surveyor? Can you recommend anyone?

    SS friends! Can anyone recommend a quantity surveyor/ project construction estimates group Sydney side? Medium size developments located on the Sydney fringe, ideally looking to build a long term relationship adding this valuable consultant to the team :) Im sure there has been other...
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    My Moonee Ponds Development

    Great looking development, I'm sure we will see a lot more of this kind of living over the next few years. It's needed and practicable! Awesome work!
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    OP in Wollongong

    Floodster Wollonong is a great place to invest, the market is just slow of Sydney and it leaves for a few decent opportunities. It's also going through great change, only a few years back the council was riddled with corruption and it drove allot of developers away with inquiries. This pushed...
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    Back to school :) I enrolled at Tafe today for Cert IV in Residential Drafting

    westminster, Just wanted to checkup and see how your finding the course? I've finally completed my builders licence and feel like I could continue my study's a little further (with tafe anyways). Is it worth doing?