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    Vendor Finance

    Reply: 1.2 From: John B OK TW Don't keep it a secret! Where did you buy 12 IP's? JohnB
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    Financial advisers - in Melbourne

    From: John B Every time I speak to a financial adviser (and I have spoken to mnay) they want to sell me managed funds. I'm sure they make commissions out of these. The 3 IP's that I have bought is not enough diversification for them. Two questions. 1. What do you all think of managed funds...
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    Custodian Wealth Builders

    Reply: 1 From: John B I'm happy to reply Jako This forum seems to hate organisations like this, which is unfortunate because I think they offer something to the Mum and Dad investors but as usual you need to do your own homework. Yes they only do Brisbane at the moment and they only sell...
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    Interest Only Loans

    Reply: 2.1.1 From: John B Its great to hear from what I call the "Mum and Dad" investors and I'm one of them. I love the Jan Somers method, which is basically set and forget, a tried and proven formula. I have 3IP's, one +ve and two -ve geared. The +ve was a result of too high a deposit ie...
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    What if i live in a capital gain desert?

    Reply: 1 From: John B Hi Cathy I find the internet the best research tool. I constantly go to ljhookers and ray whites site and investigate what type of houses or apartments ar selling and how long they stay on the market. I also use their sites to investigate rental demands and amounts. I...
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    Serviced apartments - again (sorry)

    From: John B I have read the posts before on serviced apartments but I'd like some more info. We inspected a very nice 2br S.A. in Melbourne CBD for $255,000 with a rental guarantee (from the Stockland group - whoever they are) of around 7% for at least 5 years or option for another 5 years...
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    Refinancing-please explain

    From: John B I keep reading about accessing (refinancing)your capital gain. Can someone explain exactly how to do that? For example if I buy a property for $200,000 (still paying an IO loan) and it is now worth $300,000. How do I refinance to get at the extra $100,000? Does my IO loan...