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    Subdivision and New Build - Virginia QLD

    Hi Lethia, Please continue on PropertyChat. Very interested. Did you get slapped with infrastructure charges on this splitter like WilliamB did here: Thanks, Junie
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    End of an Era

    Thank you very sincerely from the bottom of my heart for this amazing effort by Jan, Ian, and Simon.
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    Has anyone obtained stormwater access from neighbour?

    I called the REA and asked nicely (found out online - for rent ad for that neighbour). REA asked the owner, who told the tenants to cooperate. My plumbers and engineers went to their backyard with minimal distruption to access the stormwater manhole and did their things. Goodluck.
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    Brisbane - QUU Infrastructure charges on 2 lot to 2 title "splitter" block

    Good for your William! Hard work paid off. But isn't it bad for other investors who were offered "discounts"? They are not consistent. It is still a sour approach by them. Heavy hearts for future investors who's gotta fight the same way.
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    Samford Valley QLD

    Hello investors, Could you please shed me some light on the above suburbs? We love acreage properties but never bought one in Brisbane. We love this suburb because it's only 30 minutes from the CBD and you could get acreage for under $1m. Strategy: Buy now - rent out for 2 years and...
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    $90k increase in 6 weeks

    Does this look right? Contract sell price : $390,000 Less Contract purchase price : $330,000 Less Legals : $2,500 Less Stamp Duty : $10,800 Less Agent?s fee : $7,800 Capital gain : $38,900 30% company tax (if it is that): $11,670 Net profit : $27,230
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    Subdivision on Odd Shaped Block

    Thanks, Westminster. That makes sense. Didn't know Perth has double brick construction requirements.
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    Brisbane - QUU Infrastructure charges on 2 lot to 2 title "splitter" block

    Please keep posting WilliamB. I like your style. Don't take any crap. I'm looking at Brisbane for a small development this year. What's a splitting block? Is it a duplex site? Battle axe land subdividing? Just not very familar with QLD. Thanks.
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    Subdivision on Odd Shaped Block

    Is $475-525k for 2 x 4 bedroom houses or just one house? Why is double story more expensive? (Might sound like a silly question but hey - gotta ask). Thanks!
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    Does Brisbane still stack up?

    Hi Jerrybee, Wow, that's almost a $1m if I wanna buy in now in Robertson or Sunnybank. I didn't expect that much capital growth for a suburb in Brisbane either. That's equivalent to inner city Leichhardt or Newtown here in Sydeny! But what's causing this price increase in Robertson /...
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    Anyone used Binvested?

    Thanks ej89. I'll check it out. I'm still looking for one. I'm a bit picky because I know what I want. Hope I find one that clicks with me. :)
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    Should I use a Buyer's Agent?

    Hi Coota, would you recommend a BA in Brisbane please? I am looking for one. Thanks heaps! Jsoe
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    Anyone used Binvested?

    I'm looking for a BA. Yes. Hi guys, ummm pretty heavy forum. Just my 2cents. I'm looking for (and yes will be using) a BA in Brisbane and surrounding areas. Because I am now living and working overseas and still wanna keep investing. I need someone to do the leg work and I don't mind...
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    Gold Coast Ray White The Event 2015

    Hi guys, I'm hearing about this annual Event organised by Ray White Surfers Paradise Group where they auction off Gold Coast properties in January to 200,000 or so buyers. They collate premium properties and apartments. Has anyone been to it? My parents are thinking of selling their 4 bed 2...
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    Granny Flats and Section 94 Contributions Explained

    Thanks for digging this a bit further for me Serge. I rang to pay the fees just now anyway - let's just get it over and done with and start the build. There's no one able to take payment over the phone so they'll call me back today with their EFPOTS machine person. :\