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    Replacing back yard with Pavers

    tenants view point As a previous tenant, (have now bought first home), where I was renting, had a strip of grass, which was a total eyesore, as trying to it alive, with Melbourne drought was impossible, so I didnt. So hence when I moved out, it was a crunchy area of dead grass and I hated it...
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    Chilling firestorm Video from Victoria bushfires

    Ianinvestor obviously has no idea of the impact this has, on the towns involved. Lovely communites and everyone knows someone who has died. So not one person is imune to the suffering. If money does anything it will ease this suffering so they can pick up the pieces just that much faster...
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    Chilling firestorm Video from Victoria bushfires

    You tube link - re fires Just on the video, here is a link my daughter did,
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    Tassie As an ex tassie girl - Cradle Mountain is worth a trip if time allows it. Richmond is also a lovely little town to wander through has a really old bridge, and lots of history