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    New Duplex

    Hi, I am also looking constucting duplex's, having previously done property renovations. I would be grateful if you could share some insights of your construction, so that I may benefit from your experience. Specifically what I am interested in is the site selection process and costing...
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    Sydney Builders ??

    Does anyone have recommendations for a budget builder in Sydney? I am looking to do build an extra bedroom with an ensuite and walk in robe. My price requirements are between $1000-1500 sqm Builders on the forum, please give me your contact details so that I can discuss my requirements...
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    Adding an extra Bedroom with Ensuite

    My project details: I am looking at adding an extra bedroom on the ground floor of my house. This bedroom will be built outside the existing house using one of the pre-existing walls and then connected to the main house via a doorway. This will make it appear to be part of the main house...
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    Distressed properties for sale

    Thanks Andrew, Do you have any properties in Brisbane that meet this criteria ?
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    Distressed properties for sale

    I have used a broad defintion of distressed properties to start a dialogue regarding this category. There may be other circumstances which also qualify for a distressed sale such as someone who is moving overseas and needs a quick sale. Unfortunately when people are in this situation either...
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    Taking over Mortgage

    I am interested in hearing from people that have taken over other people's mortgages and have had the title transferred in your name via a take over deed or similar. How did you structure the deal and what your experience was like? What are the advantages and disadvantages of taking over...
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    Distressed properties for sale

    Hello Everyone, I am wondering if someone can tell me how I can obtain lists of distressed properties for sale? Distressed properties are ones that fit this criteria: Liquidation Sherrif Sales Deceased Estate Divorce Mortgage Sale Crime Proceeds Any help or direction would be...
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    Development - Risks,Mistakes and Pittfalls ?

    Dear All, I am keen to hear back from experienced developers that have undertaken development – both commercial and residential. (1) Please let me know what common mistakes/pitfalls to avoid when undertaking a development project? (2) What were the risks that you faced in your project...
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    Subdivision Costs

    Hi All, Can anyone please advise me where I can get an estimate of all the taxes and costs other than interest involved in subdividing a block of land? I believe the costs are Infrastructure charges, State & Local govt taxes and Environmentental levies such as Basix? am i missing anything ??
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    Subdivision Feasibility

    Hi All, Im looking at purchasing a 4000sqm block of land, that is currently zoned Residential A (Low Density). This block is to be sold via auction in the next two months The intention is to subdivide into smaller lots, build houses on each and sell part and retain one as a long term...
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    Assessing Potential Development Sites

    Refer to the book for a development checklist: Australian Residential Property Development by Ron Forlee. Its a good read !!!
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    Smart Property Development Home Study Pack

    Property Development Hi, Im keen to get started in property development, I have a block of land with an old house on it. Its currently on rent. I plan to knock it down and rebuild on this block. Its been zoned for a house or a duplex. Seeing that you've already build 3 houses, how do I...
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    Property Development Books and Reference

    Can anyone please recommend any good books or reference material on Residential and or Commercial Property Development ?
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    Property Development Course

    Hello Folks, Any guidance on this will be much appreciated. Im very keen to become a property developer and wanted to learn more about it and have found two courses that I am considering: 1) Urban Development Institute of Australia - Property Foundations course...
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    Property Development Course

    Thanks to all that have replied. I have found a 4 day course that is run by the Urban Development Institute of Australia, called the Property Development Foundations course. Has anyone attended this in 2006 ? I'm planning on enrolling in 2007 and would love to...