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    I'm Not Normal

    Hi Skater, I would not use the word "normal", I think ordinary is better. You are not ordinary, you are extraordinary. I think that's a pretty good thing to be. Good on you!
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    Living off Equity

    Hi everybody, thanks for the quick reply Rick. The total equity in the IP's is not enough to start living off yet. We need to wait a couple of years yet to let it reach a critical mass so it grows faster than we need to live off. Although substantial, three quarters of our net worth is in our...
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    Living off Equity

    Hi Rixter, my first post! I am finding your information very interesting. Hubby and I (baby boomers) are very long term business owners and investors, now semi retired. Have 7 IP's plus PPOR. IP's in 3 different states and PPOR in very leafy street in western suburbs. Net assets are...