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    Stencilled Concrete

    Thanks for the replies. Am going to try to find out if covered under the builder's warranty and see what happens.... :) Checked my documents and looks like BC registered in 2004 so I might just scrape in if it is a 5 year warranty. Would still be interested in how to remove it though.
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    Stencilled Concrete

    Hoping someone can help me. I have a courtyard that has had stencilled concrete applied to it, I guess when the units were built probably 5-7 years ago. The stencil is that plastic kind and I now find parts of it are lifting and coming away from the concrete and it's beginning to look really...
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    Depending on how romantic you are.... how about getting 10 small tins (I think that I have seen something similar at Spotlight) and writing on 10 peices of paper a special moment from each of your 10 years together and hide these around the house for her to find during the day? Almost like a...
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    The Sanctuary on Moggill (Brisbane)

    Moggill Road Just a bit of local info - at the moment all traffic from the Moggill/Bellbowrie area not using the Ipswich Motorway is funnelled through Kenmore. The section between Kenmore Road and the Centenary Highway is getting busier and busier as the only public transport to the area is...
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    Buying Land

    Thank you to all who posted replies - interesting that the ATO will let you claim based on your intentions. I hope that this has helped other members and like Phil that there members who now have their accountant doing amendments to previous returns on their behalf! Thanks once again!
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    Buying Land

    Hi everyone, I'm very new to all of this and just trying to get my head around a few different concepts and strategies. Can someone can point me to a resource or can help me with the basics of buying a vacant block of land with the intention of building an IP down the track. My dad wants to...
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    Body Corporate Questions

    Hi Everybody and thank you all so vey much for your informative responses. Richard, thank you for your offer. I had received some advice that a body corporate was not essential for a block of 4 units however have confirmation that the units have been registered under the CTS scheme. I will...
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    Body Corporate Questions

    Can someone enlighten me on a couple of Body Corporate questions? 4 unit complex in Qld. 1 How do I get a copy of the Body Corporate By-laws? 2 Should a copy be supplied with the signed contract from the REA? 3 Do the by-laws dictate when the AGM is/should be held? 4 Are the...
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    Seeking Strata approval for tiling?

    Tiling I have a single level townhouse with 2 shared walls and have tiling in all of the living areas and only the bedrooms carpeted and to be honest because you don't have anyone above/below you, you don't hear the neighbours at all and I assume that their units are the same as mine. Go for it!
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    On the road to my first PPOR :)

    Congratulations on your first purchase! I found the whole process of buying my PPOR a bit daunting while doing it and unfortunately seemed to have a solicitor like yours - not so good at the whole communications process! :mad: Anyway, after WBC lost my signed loan docs and FHOG grant...