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    Home Owner Building a Granny Flat for Rent

    Thanks for the replies. Workers Compensation has mentioned that it is a requirement under the OHS Act 2000 and OHS Reg 2001, because "owner builders are considered to be licensed builders" and have a "responsibility to provide a safe place of work for their workers and others". I don't intend...
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    Home Owner Building a Granny Flat for Rent

    Hi All, I've tried to search on this forum but couldn't find any answers to my question. This is my situation. I want a build a granny flat on my IP in Sydney's Blacktown area for the purpose of renting that out as well. The GF has been approved by a private certifier, and I now I'm looking to...
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    S94 contribution fee Blacktown!!!

    It's ok (not really) if they gave you this bill/invoice for this so called contribution. But why is this request for payment only verbal??? It does not sound legit to me!? Surely someone above the council can enforce this?? I'm bloody outrag:mad:ed!!
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    Granny Flats and Section 94 Contributions Explained

    Noooo! I'm planning to build in Lalor Park. This is going to blow my budget into the sky!:eek: