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    Renting villa to your mum.

    Are these required as a kind of proof of tenancy as well? confirming the place is an IP) come tax time? Or are the rental payment's evidence enough?
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    Turning PPOR into IP rented out at non commercial rates

    thanks for the information guys, in regards to using my parents house, I just thought it would be proof that I had moved out (and somewhere for my mail I'm a bit of a gypsy) also my situation has changed a bit, going to rent house out completely from 1/7 at the proper market rates and go...
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    Property Coaches

    I found books from these people useful, Michael Yardney's books, you get a bunch of extras (audios, pdf's, spreadsheets) if you register them. Chris Grays 'effortless empire' Robert Kiyosaki Rixter posts Wealth Sabotage ,its a spreadsheet and a pdf booklet for goal setting and...
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    residential investment loans at call

    Have seen a few posts mentioning loans that the bank can 'call in', mainly LOC's Has anybody had this happen or has any examples? I know there would be different reasons from bank to bank. Just want to see if there are any trends/similarities in the reason. e.g. is it more to do with changes...
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    Turning PPOR into IP rented out at non commercial rates

    are non-cash deductions separate? still fully deductible?
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    Turning PPOR into IP rented out at non commercial rates

    Situation: Currently in my PPOR of 2.5 years, as I work away and also partly live overseas I was going to convert it to an IP (just going to use the parents address as my new place of residence) Have had my bro and his g/f living with me all financial year, I have and will continue...
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    How to add Chattels in contract correctly.

    Are there any general rules ot thumb to come up with a number or percentage of the chattels proportion of a property? I know the age would play a big factor but lets say I put in an offer on 20-25 year old townhouse and decalre that 5% of the cost are chattels. Would you think thatsa...
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    PPOR with LOC reno into IP

    What if (when still a PPOR) the LOC is capitalising interest? When it converts to an IP would the whole amount (including the Cap interest portion) still be tax deductible?
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    Property Software

    Try searching ' somersoft spreadsheet collection'
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    Paying IP expenses from LOC

    Do you also put any of your tax return back into your investment LOC to keep it down? Or did you at some earlier point?
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    IP with wooden playhouse. Pro or Con?

    Its right up close to the back corner fence. If its no council approved and a tenant hurts themselves on it am I liable?
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    IP with wooden playhouse. Pro or Con?

    Going to look at a promising looking property tomorrow, however there's a decent sized wooden playhouse (roughly 1500mm x 1500mm x 2500mmH) and I'm undecided if this is an added bonus In helping securing a family as tenants or a future curb side pick up Unsure of council requirements on the...
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    Opinions on Boom to Bust: by Lindsay David:

    I haven't read this yet, apart from the gloom and doom blurb.,d.dGY Just...
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    Hi Somersoft

    Well they haven't made me redundant yet, I must be doing something right lol
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    Hi Somersoft

    Hi, After noticing several threads of newbies introducing themselves, I thought id jump on the thread-wagon and say hi My name is Kayne, I'm from Perth, 26yrs old working as a chef (FIFO) and starting on my investment journey. I have been educating myself on investing over the last...