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    Changes / tightening on servicing for investors

    Yes but how is that a loop hole.
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    How do we finance our car purchase?

    Some finance brokers are duds, You could do a search for finance brokers, You should get your accountant to check the rate, often it isn't what it is supposed to be. Some have been known to go to jail for fraud. I use MFL...
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    How do we finance our car purchase?

    Why don't you make a call to a finance company, I always have found they have a lower real interest rate than a car dealer and the rates are low at the moment.
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    Bad bad bad Journalism! Young Property Gun

    She has had some good CG in a few weeks in API she had a portfolio valued at $1.6m now it is $2.3 million, she spent $50k land in Scotland with from an inheritance when she was 18 to conserve a nature reserve ( isn't a nature reserve conserved), but she bought her first property when she was...
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    Beach front property for only $16,000!

    I can only get $80, but I only paid $3000. Looks like there is a bubble in caravans too in some parts.
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    21 day settlement possible?

    Yes, its possible just settled in 23 days lawyer said it could have been quicker.
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    Why should I get superannuation?

    The wont need to if they use contracted labour
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    flexi rent

    Well why would you buy it if you only keep it for 2 years? If you rent you can upgrade when you want. If you decide you want to keep it longer than 2 years you can buy it. My accountant told me tax wise it makes no difference but it may be better to lease and preserve your capital or invest...
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    Rewarding good tenants

    Yep they do, you thought wrong Dec, Ive had a tenant buy me gifts, and another tenant buy my wife a birthday gift. I have also shouted some of my tenants a meal at a pub and it was the best investment I ever made. I must admit though it helped that they were lovely vivacious intelligent...
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    Driverless cars - the biggest potential impact to real estate?

    I don't think it will ever happen have people forgotten lessons learnt from the Gulf war, when auto-guidance system were disrupted and caused havoc to agricultural operations. Satellite signals can easily be jammed or shut down by any-body with a grudge, a political objective or just for the...
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    Ouch - $30K being taxed and not much deductions to off set

    Can you put some money into superannuation, it wont save a lot though as it will still be taxed at 15%. I don't know if the rules have changed for Investing in shares using a Deferred Purchase Plan, where you could pay 3 years interest in advance and claim a deduction. Investing in BRK this way...
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    Changes / tightening on servicing for investors

    I just spoke to my West Pac Manager about refinancing, he said the new APRA regulation haven't had any effect yet, but it is a good idea to get your financing done now because it may get tougher. He seemed to think I can get more than what BOM knocked me back on 9 months ago. He said just...
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    Fast and slow words

    A lot of people rent their home out then rent places overseas to live for a few hundred dollars a month.
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    Allowing existing tenant to sublease.

    At least they are honest, they could probably do it anyway, many tenants sublease and many landlords and agents have no idea. Some tenants make a fortune out of realestate while the landlord makes zip. When you take over the management of your properties it is amazing all the mail that turns...
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    If she is under 21 she will be considered a dependant and if your annual expenses are over 100k including any interest payments she wont be eligible, even if your expenses are 50k it is hardly worth it to get about $40 a week for a few months. I suppose the same will apply to her if she...