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    Foreign Property

    From: Lee Mathers Hi all, Just a short question, but it probably involves a long answer... Does anybody have any information, or know where to get information on what extra steps are required to obtain finance when purchasing property overseas? Specifically, looking to purchase a Canadian...
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    REIV Seminar in Melbourne

    Reply: 1 From: Lee Mathers This is a bit rich...... >REIV funding is provided by >the Minister of Fair Trading >and Business Affairs from the >Estate Agents Guarantee Fund Wouldn't that be "taxpayer funded". Either that or the Minister is a very generous bloke to be giving money to the REIV...
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    Todays AFR article about trusts

    Reply: From: Lee Mathers This comes from the Dems website "The Australian Democrats are unique in policy formulation and this makes us different to all other political parties. All our members can draft and vote on all Party Policies." Perhaps we could get enough people...