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    Will you have a Job in 2025..

    I should be out of the PAYG cycle by then, and moved onto bigger and better things
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    Elizabeth Downs -Hot lead for low cost Mortgagee Sale

    Hey guys, sorry I have not read through the last lot of responses. How is the area going? Compared to say 2 years ago? Any movements?
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    Apparently I'm considered "Rich" or "Loaded"...

    As someone has once suggeted to me, what does it matter what other's think of you, because it does not matter Just be grateful of what you have, that's what i do
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    Development Approvals, yay!!

    It's hard to say Brad, I won't be building this year, got a few things on at the moment.
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    Development Approvals, yay!!

    LOL, Yes Brady mate, I know that you know and that I know :D It has been a while I hope you are good
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    Development Approvals, yay!!

    I am pleased to be here! *puts on my L plate hat
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    Development Approvals, yay!!

    Hey MTR: hopefully soon, fingers crossed Hey Mflying: it's in Melb Hey Leo: Thanks mate, approvals only at this stage
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    Development Approvals, yay!!

    Hello fellow SS Friends, I am pleased to say that by the look of things, My development plan (4 x townhouses) are being approved as we speak I've had a fairly enjoyable experience so far working with and under the guidance of my lovely peers who has provided so much support along the...
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    Just found out I'm having twins...

    Congrats to you, our bubs is also due April this year, yay!!
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    This is a new one

    I don't think that been a bogan is a bad thing
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    Developing in KEW

    Why only 2? I would try to fit 4 if possible
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    Seaford - what do you think

    Seaford has already moved in the last 18 months, is there more to go, well maybe..
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    How to begin a career in developing

    There is a few developers on here. Depending on your budget, there are many ways to go about it. Structure, finanace, legal, where to buy etc.. I am currently doing a 4 unit development in melb
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    The Boy from Nowhere

    Thanks, will have a read, sounds fascinating
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    melbourne concert last night Did anyone hear through the entire concert last night, apparently 80,000 thunder had stirked through last night.