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    What's Your Day Job (if any)?

    Hi everyone, I was a full time administrator , but was able to leave that in 2006 due to my party plan business going really well. Never thought in my wildest dreams it would take off as it has. The Passive income from downline recruiting is servicing my properties and the income from...
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    company taxation.

    Hi and I hope some one can help. I have a business that is making a profit and recently had a partnership between my spouse and I. 70/ 30 split. once you make an election on the split you cannot change it and this is the problem as the 30% for peter this year is too high based on his...
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    The Hardest Post I’ve Ever Had To Write

    Dear Ruby, My thoughts and prayers are with you through this difficult time.
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    Advice needed

    ok , thanks everyone for your help.
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    Advice needed

    yes he is the owner as per the title. there has to be a way around this... regrets....
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    Advice needed

    is there any way that we can not go through with the sale. sale of authority was given to agent on march of this year for asking price of $290k. 2 weeks ago we get a call from agent saying $277k. hubby said no and then he gets a call saying $280K. he was not happy with the price, but...
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    Advice needed

    hi everyone, What happens if a propery is in the name of one spouse but the loan is in the name of both spouses. If the spouse wants to sell the property does he need permission from the person on the loan agreement. Can he just go and sell the property. Is this legal. thanks in advance
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    2007 tax returns

    Just try putting in $1. that will get it going..
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    2 year lease

    The number one question on my mind is am i legally allowed to increase the rent by at much as $50 - $100. I thought you could only increase by 3%. they are great tenants, but i really need to be charging 450 -475 as this is the going rate for this type of house and again it is very...
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    2 year lease

    Hi everyone. I have just been informed that my tenants want a 2 year lease on the property. what is the best way to negotiate a price? It is currently leased for $400, but houses that are similiar are now asking $450. when we leased it out we were struggling to get $400,but now...
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    Is Mebourne Booming????

    melbourne is booming. apartment in doncaster 1 bedroom and an open study wanted 285000, got 297500 last week. bought in 2001 for 188000k. my first ever investment property that I have sold.
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    Tell us about your lifestyle (wages, job, age)

    1. Age 2. Job Profession (sales clerk, medical doctor, student, self-employed, unemployed) 3. Annual Salary/Wage from job (before tax) 4. Married/Single/Divorced? ... Any Kids? 5. Year of 1st IP purchase + Total IPs you have 1. Me: 39. Hubbie: about to turn 36 2. Me- Jewellery Party Plan...
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    tax deductions...

    HI everyone, What about the other way around. I have a block of land and I have decided to build a rental property. I did not claim it last year as I was not sure. Now that I have decided to can I amend last years tax return. thanks marina
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    My dream home is not my dream home anymore

    A big G'day to Peter too (hope I've got the name right - it's been awhile ) Hi les, Yes thankyou for your thoughts. Peter is great. You do have a good memory! I understand hhe property could also be sold to yourself from your Hubby, and then you could take out the loan to make it an IP (with...
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    My dream home is not my dream home anymore

    Dear Jen, I cannot understand the concept of a trust. Are you able to explain in laymans terms. If my loan is 260K and I sell to a trust for 550K then I would have $290k to buy another house. Would I then be able to claim the negative gearing on this property. Loan would be $550k and...