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    CBA max discount limited to 1% for investment loans?

    It was an example brighta$$ Love MC1
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    CBA max discount limited to 1% for investment loans?

    Great Post! Couldn't agree more!! It's a PITA also! Getting questions like "a mate of mine just applied for a loan and received 4.1%" Response "Whats the loan amount and LVR" "No idea mate"
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    Does NAB = Homeside when it comes to rate cuts?

    CBA have issued statement regarding pricing on investment loans
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    Has anybody ever installed Bunnings acrylic splashbacks?

    They look good. Just be sure to use the correct adhesive. I know someone that used silicon to install and the thing fell off
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    Turned down by Genworth for 80% LVR loan

    Non bank lender at 80% for rate??? There's a reason the big four dominate the market .... Better the devil you know. With all my experience, I'd never put my lending with a non bank to save a few points!!
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    New Purchase over the weekend in Melbourne

    Nice buy. I've noticed quite a few going up around Billingham rd and surrounding streets and they seem to be selling fairly quickly. Good luck with it
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    Where to buy in Melbourne Thread.

    Agree Albanga, however the quoting price for this particular property was way off the mark and I knew this from the beginning. Another agent in the area that I know stated they should be reported as soon as the property was listed for that price
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    Where to buy in Melbourne Thread.

    Attended an auction tonight in Essendon purely for research purposes. Barry Plant quoted $1.2 - 1.3m Sold for $1.615m. Essendon Agents at there finest!!
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    Me Bank

    Lol!!!!! :D:D:D
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    Me Bank

    Owner builder loans ...... I pass on the phone number of NAB and hope they never call me back
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    Mortgage broker Hervey Bay

    Quality! :D:D:D
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    NAB won't give unconditional approval

    A proper broker is going to do exactly what your broker did
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    Crown lending "Who are they"

    Sniffer, if you really believe that an offset account is some type of scam, you need a lot more help than just a downloaded budget sheet from the internet!!
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    Citi bank 4.68% variable a good deal?

    If they are a business that would be happy to sign this poster up as a "referrer" I would be staying away from Citibank
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    CBA - Self Employed 80% LVR

    Finally caught up to ANZ