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    I AM A REGISTERED BUILDER - Would like to build a spec home.

    Hi Aaron, how would you go about it? Thanks, Jason.
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    I AM A REGISTERED BUILDER - Would like to build a spec home.

    House and land package, can I use banks money and make no repayments until sold, any ideas?
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    Fixed Loans 5yrs, 10yrs, 15yrs?

    In Feb 2009 I could have locked my house loan in at 6.99% for 15 yrs? Now it is 8.44% for 15 yrs.
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    Fixed Rates 5yrs, 10yrs, 15yrs?

    I was wondering, they are talking about interests rates going up again, by another 2% in the next 2 years. So should I lock home loan in for 5, 10, 15 years? Thanks, Jason.
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    Use Your Super To Invest In Property

    Has anyone used there Super to invest in Property. You can use your Super to borrow and invest in Property. Everyone is saying you need alot in your Super to be able to do this? Any advice will help.
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    7 Steps To Wealth - Jon Fitzgerald

    Has anyone read 7 steps to wealth - by John Fitzgerald. I was wondering what your thoughts were.
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    15 Year Fixed Mortgage

    Hi, I was thinking about fixing my home loan for 15 yrs because I have never seen them this low before. I would appreciate any advise for the pros and cons of doing this. Thankyou, Jason
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    Confused What To Do ?

    I made a profit of $40 000 after capitalm gains. Thanks Jason.
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    Confused What To Do ?

    I just sold my beach block and made about $40 000 profit, now I would like to invest, but I am confused which way to go. Should I put the money on my mortgage which I owe about $100 000 or should I buy a block for $80 000 and build a house and on sell it as I am a registered builder, which I...
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    What Is The Best Book For Beginners In Property Investment?

    Any books out there for beginners in property investment? Thanks, Jason.
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    Property Investment Or Property Development?

    Investment Property Or Property Development? I would like some advise, am I better off buying a investment property or buying land and build a house and sell for profit? Thanks, Jason.
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    THE ACCIDENTAL MILLIONARE BOOK written by Steven Fagan

    If someone has read this book could you please tell me what your thoughts are? Thanks, Jason
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    CARLY CRUTCHFIELD-An intro to Property development manual?

    Hi everyone out there, has anybody read this manual? If so can I get some feedback. Thanks, Jason
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    MOE-VICTORIAS TOP 5 (Rental yeilds)?

    Australian Property Investor Magazine (December 2007) has Moe Top 5 in rental yeilds in Victoria at 6.6%?
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    MOE/NEWBOROUGH (Victoria-Latrobe Valley-Gippsland)

    Does anyone out there know if it is worth investing in this area? Any information is appreciated. Thanks Jason.