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    New i phone app

    Without downloading the app. My issue is, it's not specific to this market (Property Owners). Rather, you can use it for ANY filling work. The app world is tooo competitive now days.
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    Suggestion on what to do when the PM really messes up, repeatedly

    wow that is horrible Adrian. Obviously I think you should change agents or do it yourself. However to answer your question. Seems like you'll have to keep calling them everyday. MANAGE the manager. Hassle hassle hassle. until they find a tenant. Then when they do, a few months later...
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    First time looking for a property manager.

    1. How many properties do you manage? (more than 150 per senior property manager is probably too many - basically speaking) How long have they been in PM for? (3 years min for me). 2. Not sure what they look like. Haha Typically they have a steely personality, but also able to show real...
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    How should i go about it?

    Thanks for the entertaining read everyone. Sorry Dbz_Vic but I agree learning rules of managing your property (Residential Tenancy Act) will really help you understand your tenants (and maybe your agent) point of view as well. Happy to help. PM if you want.
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    Help! About to take over a self-managed lease

    I think they mean organise it now so your insurance policy takes effect from settlement day (for both). I have not heard of having to have building insurance before it settles as it's not your house yet.
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    changing agent, will this work?

    I've taken over managements in the passed (as a PM) but kept the old agent to continue until the current tenants move out (deal with bond etc) while I try find a new tenant. But not in the situation where it was out of hand to the point they were going to tribunal. However if your going to...
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    Yay or Nay

    I don't think it matters if there is only one income it's just it should be 3 times the rent (basically said). However this also depends on the kind of person they are, I have found a lot of single mums are actually great budgeters (if thats even a word) and they are more likely to pay their...
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    solar powered common body corporate lights

    Great link abbyfresh. I had to laugh at the video with the guy trying to break it. Does seem very rock solid. I like it. What's the sort of cost to install one of those?
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    Palm Tree Dead Branches - Tenants or Landlords responsibility

    Tenants are responsible for general gardening which is weeding and lawn mowing (basically) not pruning trees and removing their branches, this is an owners responsibility. That being said as a tenant just get rid of basic breaches in the green waste bin over time or organise a council pick...
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    Smartphone app for tenants in WA

    haha good one. An app to 'Manager the Manager'. The reminders I think would be fairly simple but it's just putting the information into the app - the lazy owner has to do it! - Unless it was integrated with the PM's software. Intergrating with them would probably be a bit tough but could be done...
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    Low cost Property Management in Brisbane

    If your worried that your father might not be a good tenant I would not rent to him, the risk is too high. Not only do you lose money but also help ruin your relationship with him in the future. Manage your property like a business, take the emotion out of it.
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    Smartphone app for tenants in WA

    Haha depends on what's in it.
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    Smartphone app for tenants in WA

    Sadly there are a few terrible owners out there that don't respect their tenants but also the same goes for tenants, there are a few bad ones out there that don't respect the property or the owner. So I think it goes both ways.
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    Smartphone app for tenants in WA

    What would you like to see in an app for landlords?
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    Exit/Vacate/Pre-Rental Cleaning

    I personally think a pre-clean is good. The cleaner the house for inspections the better tenants you are likely to attract. There are too many dirty rental properties that clean ones can really help attract good tenants. Spotless is the key. Start the cycle now, so when the next tenants...