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    Government entity offer to buy property

    Reason not important. >purchase of one of our rural property by way of private treaty >we have two lots - two titles >no agents commission involved However property is now not principal place of residence. It was once subject to a boundary re-alignment and part of our current PPOR...
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    Property values plummet due to proposed powerlines

    Appreciate your input Thanks Ben. Any chance you could summarize the key message from your perspective. There is a petition, link on the website. Thanks, Mike
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    Property values plummet due to proposed powerlines

    Hi all, Just on one year ago we recieved a nasty letter saying a State Govt owned power company - Powerlink was proposing to align a new 275,000 Volt powerline through our land with the possibility of placing one 45-75m high steel pylon on the boundary fence. There is a website you can...
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    High Voltage Overhead Powerlines

    Powerline Blues Thommo, been a while since this topic has been covered here. Now we are being targeted by a proposed 275kv powerline alignment. Considering this 'new' aquired easement will slice...
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    RE Agent pulling a shifty after sale of property

    Has anyone come across this when selling property with a RE Agent in Victoria? I had discussions with my RE Agent regarding the payment of advertising costs relating to my property in Melbourne[which was infact sold some 45 days after the expiration of an exclusive sale authority and no...
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    Investment advisor/tax expert Maroochydore

    Finding that accountant Jamie, thank you very much. As soon as I saw the company name it clicked. Best regards, MikeT
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    Investment advisor/tax expert Maroochydore

    Some time ago there was a thread about an accountant or tax expert who knew the ins and outs of property investment and are located in Maroochydore on the Sunshine Coast. Did the search thingy but can't find them. I believe a lady was the accountant? Help please. Ta, Mike T
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    Any ute lovers? Which 4WD ute?

    Here's where to find more good ideas & :)
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    Simon Baker - CEO of

    for RE subscribers only.... As a private seller I'm disappointed I can't advertise my property on thsi site. :(
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    where to buy softwares at low price?

    So you want software? Golden Shopping Centre, ShoShamPo, HKG. Not trying to be smart here, but that is a really good source for software. Yeh yeh, bit far from Melbourne hey folks? Anyone passing thru HKG can get it for you.
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    Regular Sunshine Coast Get-togethers

    Saturday may work. Just need a majority vote. MikeT
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    Regular Sunshine Coast Get-togethers

    Cruise meet? G'day all, What about a meet at Minyama and I'll supply the boat. We can do a cruise of the Minyama canals while we have a chat. Boat is big enough (23 footer)to accomodate half a dozen or so depending on how many bottles of grog you carry onboard :D Give me a hoi! and I'll...
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    Surely, people aren't this naive....even now?

    It's unfortunate that people fall victim to such scams....but who's to blame? Naivity or pressure selling techniques by these type of un ethical salespeople. MikeT
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    Has anyone sold to their tenant?

    Alrighty, Just that you said "...particularly in the present climate." So I was interested what you meant. No probs ;) regards, Mike
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    Has anyone sold to their tenant?

    Acey, What is the present climate like? In what market particulary I wonder - units, house in suburbia, waterfront or ocean view? Any specific areas in the SE Qld? Thanks, MikeT