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    Somersoft Spreadsheet Collection

    Hi Dan, Thank you for this spreadsheet. A quick question on how the Total Loan is calculated on the first tab in C31. I would have thought that total loan amount would be the purchase price + purchasing costs - establishment income. In my scenario, I've got a purchase price of around...
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    tenants just separated

    Wow... this sounds so much like one of our past tenants. We had a couple with 3 kids with the wife running a family daycare from the property. The couple ended up getting divorced. Wife took the three kids and disappeared overseas. Husband gave two weeks notice and broke lease and left...
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    July Melbourne meeting

    Hi PT, +2 tentative - depends on getting baby sitters for the young'uns. Otherwise +1. Cheers.
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    Can anyone use our floorplans?

    In that case, I would think the architect has retained copyright to the designs and is free to do what they want with those plans. When we had our first house built, we signed a contract with the architect that specifically listed that copyright to the plans were retained by the architect...
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    Australian House Hunters

    I've come across House Hunters as a buyers agent specialising in rural areas. Like the previous poster, has anyone got any comments about them and their model. It seems like it is a fixed price fee for one year during which you can use them for as many properties as you want. Searching...
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    Section 32 Query

    But have they? The statement specifically says that the purchaser should check availability of utilities not connected. Section 32 says Gas is connected, so why should the purchaser check its availability.
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    Somersoft Spreadsheet Collection

    Thank you for this spreadsheet. This is closer to the type of spreadsheet I was looking for. Something that allows me to analyse a property on its own as well as part of a complete portfolio. One question - If I only have one income, how do I use the spreadsheet. I tried putting $0 or $1...
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    PM and selling process/Other agency's agent to sell?

    My last purchase was in this scenario. The property was already tenanted and the PM agency was different from the selling agency. We had no trouble getting access to see the place when we wanted. Our contact was only the selling agency. We saw the place about three times before buying it and...
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    Block of units

    Hi, I am currently looking at the numbers for a block of units in regional Victoria. The block has 4 units and is not strata-titled. I received a statement of account from the real estate agent for the past year and the numbers don't look so good. For serviceability reasons, I am looking...
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    Point Cook, VIC

    It depends on what you define by "good". The quality of houses and the feel of the area is similar both north and south. And by north, I don't mean the town houses, but estates like Boardwalk. The main reason I don't like south of Sneydes is due to distance from freeway, train station and...
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    Somersoft Spreadsheet Collection

    Thanks everyone for sharing their spreadsheets. I have one question, which I hope people here can help with. In the absence of the super model mentioned earlier in the thread, I am looking for something that will do projections like PIA or the IP Holding spreadsheet, but at the same time...
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    Point Cook, VIC

    I currently have two IPs in Point Cook that I bought in the last 6 months. They have already shown good growth. I don't expect that to continue in the short term due to the increased supply. Point Cook itself has grown a lot and has pockets that are considered better than others. When buying...
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    Smallest Commercial Property Ever

    Taking this thread slightly off-topic, what do people think about the API article on ATMs and owning ATMs in general. I've done some numbers and they seem to make sense even when only considering the minimum guaranteed return. I took into account that 100% borrowed at 7% and 10% prinicipal...
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    FHB: Truganina, Tarneit, Altona Meadows, Point Cook

    I was out looking at some of the new estates in Tarneit and Truganina and learnt that there will not be a Metro station at Tarneit, but a V/Line station linking up with Werribee. For people wanting to go to CBD via rail will involve a switch at Werribee. I own two properties in Point Cook...
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    Hints on suburbs with great cashflow positive prospects?

    Thank you for clearing that up. I just didn't get how a house could come with a girlfriend and why those would be worth more. :)