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    Commercial Selling Agent in Sydney?

    Thanks very much for the suggestions, guys. I will get some appraisals & take it from there.:)
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    Commercial Selling Agent in Sydney?

    Hi All, I am selling a commercial office in Crows Nest on behalf of my parents. I'm in Melbourne & know sweet FA about the Sydnet market. Can anyone recommend some good (aka "not as bad as some others") selling agents for that area? Thanks, Jade
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    Cash Rate Down v Cost of funding Up

    I don't expect the RBA to move down any more than 0.25% at a time. When they do, the majors will probably move down a smaller amount (0.10%?) and keep the rest. They will say it's the absolute max they can move, and then the following month when they pass on nothing it will be less surprising.
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    Negative equity on the rise

    “4.9 per cent of all Australian homes are currently valued at less than purchase price” LMAO! ALL Australian homes? Purchased since when? That's twice the figure assessed by the National Centre for Social and Economic Modelling (quoted from smh): Note the above - more realistically - refers...
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    Competing rights - the reclining seat on a flight

    If I'm in economy - which I am most of the time if flying domestic - I fly knowing that I take the risk of an uncomfortable flight. Apart from meal services every one has the same right to fully recline their seat. The airlines squish so many seats into the economy cabin that this means very...
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    Going to Thailand

    I agree with pennyk. I've just come back from Thailand and have been many times without ever getting sick. We eat at roadside stalls, too. If you're worried, try taking slippery elm capsules while over there & for a week before you go (coat the digestive system) and use anti-bac hand gel before...
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    Job Problem-What To Do

    Wow, that's very unusual to have sick leave paid out. Sure doesn't happen in my industry. She'd be entitled to quite a bit of long service leave anyway so it's not like she'd leave with nothing. I'd be wanting some pretty concrete evidence of impending redundancy & time frame to consider...
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    Anyone have a personal chef?

    This sounds like a good plan to me - but obviously you don't need a qualified chef to shop & prepare this type of food. A cook could do it; actually, almost anyone who can cook & who has some knowledge of nutrition could do it (Like a personal trainer who has taken time off to have kids). At...
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    Renovation advice

    Hi smurfette, It may help if you post the suburb. Did you check out Pat82's thread? You'll need a builder to take a look and honestly, 99% of them should be able to help you out. If you don't get a recommendation, perhaps go down to your local timber yard and ask them who is reliable for...
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    Kitchen stove top/oven

    I agree that separate applicances are the go, but again - if it's a lower end place & you aren't replacing the whole kitchen - it might be smarter to just whip in a s/s upright cooker. You don't necessarily need a rangehood if you have a proper extraction fan, but it will probably look better.
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    kitchen splashback

    I agree with Prop. never use white & cream next to each other. The colour needs to be determined by looking at the colours of the whole kitchen - especially benchtops. Do you have a pic? I love mosaic tiles but after living with them once as a splashback - never again. Too much grout to clean...
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    good time to buy

    Sounds like a sweet buy. Congrats!
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    capitalising interest for a small development - would you?

    Aaron, IMO part of the DD for a deal stacking up includes the carry costs - no biggie. If it covers all these costs & you make $, who cares in the end? I understand you feeling more conservative in your situation but it definitely sounds like a goer to me. Good luck!
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    Why does no one bid for right to be first to negotiate on passed in property?

    It's hard to give a definitive answer to this right now. I have seen (and heard of many more) blind auctions after the property is passed in. This is one situation I avoid like the plague as a buyer (though as a vendor it was pretty good!). I think that media reports about the state of the...
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    Dealing with Bank vs using Broker

    ganadara, I think you'll find that working with any of the brokers who have replied to your post would be a good idea. Brokers will help with your short & long term strategy, know which banks to use when, know what type of application can be put to which bank, know what traps to look for with...