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    Is it safe to lightly sand asbestos?

    I did my painting apprenticeship back in the early to mid 1970's in Perth with State Housing Commission as it was known then. A big part of the job included dry scraping flaking paint off the old fibro homes and burning off the old paint on the weatherboards. We had no gloves or masks and we...
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    Sydney to Canberra Corridor (Goulburn, Moss Vale, Queenbeyan)

    Gonyx, ..... I live in Goulburn and have made terrific gains in the past 2-1/2 years (bought $240k ... re-valued one month ago at $340k). The past 12-18 months in particular has seen good capital growth, so my feeling is you needed to have bought 12-18 months ago. Re: land releases .... I...
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    Looking to invest in Melton Vic

    I don't want to get into disagreements here, but as an investor you do your own due diligence and if the research stacks up for you, then make a decision based on your own investment plan and financial conditions not on what others say. Most of the posts in this thread say ... too much vacant...
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    Looking to invest in Melton Vic

    I've done quite well out of Melton, but I'm feeling very depressed now after reading this thread .... :( A lot of what has been said above is fair and it can be difficult to find good tenants, but I still believe in the location as a long term hold. At the time I bought you could buy older...
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    Underfloor heating

    Ausprop, ... It is not underfloor heating that we have, but the wall mounted radiators that hot water is pumped through the units via an instantaneous gas wall mounted hot water unit. It is very good and all controlled through a thermostat. See link...
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    Underfloor heating

    We had Hydronic wall Radiator heating with a gas combi boiler (also handles the hot water) installed last winter. Costs a bit to install, but worth every cent. The house is warm all the time. We set the temp via a thermostat. We need good heating in Goulburn as it gets damn cold .... This...
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    Have you ever paid over asking price?

    Been buying property since about 1976/77. Never paid over asking price, although if it was a PPOR in a prime location with a unique feature then I probably would. Bought at auction? - Once. A block of land in Kingsley (Perth) for $17k around 1982/3. I remember it was a land release and this...
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    Negative Gearing

    Maybe he keeps public service hours ... :)
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    It's something the brewery wants to do and it's in council for approval, but at this point the company is happy to let the anti big beer bottle mob have their rant and put it on the backburner. Mystery
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    Valuers, ...What planet are they from?

    Okay .... Update. After the very low original $420,000 valuation (see first post), I managed to get a comparable sales report from a real estate agent up there (Qld) for dual occ's sold in the Ipswich area. Based on this info the bank agreed to arrange for a second valuation from a different...
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    Max Brenner in Perth

    Koko Black doesn't come close. Great chocolate treats at Max Brenner's. Can be expensive, but nice. I love the cappuccino that has a piece of chocolate melting in it ...... Oh, and the banana crepes with milk chocolate oozing out ... ;) Mystery
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    Defence Housing

    PRP, ..... You can use the search function on the menu bar above to search for previous threads on Defence Housing. It has been discussed a fair bit so you should be able to find quite a few threads discussing it in detail. All the best Mystery
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    Recommendation NSW under 400k

    Re: High Speed Rail to Goulburn/Canberra ... Don't hold your breath. I live in Goulburn and the subject is often discussed in the local paper, but no one really believes it will ever happen. I've also spoken to a few mates who work for the railways and they haven't heard anything yet. I...
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    [REDCLIFFE PEN] 2 Offers Accepted, Only have finance for 1

    Have you spoken to councils town planning dept for confirmation as to development potential? I always find this essential if you are buying for future development. Don't assume they will do it ...... we are talking local government here, .... common sense doesn't always come into play. Mystery
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    Older peoples borrowing power

    As you should be wylie, ..... I'm nearly 57 ..... Isn't the 50's the new "middle age" .... if not, then it should be ... :D Mystery