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    Probably a stupid question but would it work?

    Why not buy a caravan park for like 400k and rent it out with permenant tenants for like 30% yield and clear $50kpa cashflow? :D
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    Funny Number Plates

    I got a few; CSHKID CSHFLO BOSMAN I am getting some more soon, just need automobiles to put them on :)
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    Stacking up numbers with cash flow positive properties

    I thought it was impossible getting 10 properties and making $50kpa when starting out... Looking back it was pretty easy, have a clear vision as the world stands aside for a person who knows where they are going... I think that you need to be conservative and realistic with numbers but for...
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    Going Commercial

    Congrats Geoff and thanks for the kind words! Its funny people often say the deals aren't out there in 2013, and I read the same comments in 2003 but 13% yield, secure tenants, set and forget property :) Il call you this week also mate. Nath.
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    Property Investor Portfolios

    Magazines are good but the papers and tv are the pain because they quote numbers they dont know how to calculate. I remembered a few years ago i was feature in BRW qnd they audited my assets and liabilites which was pretty annoying but cool at the same time because it shows commitment and...
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    West Sydney

    The Jig, hahahaha.... Im always doing the Jig! :)
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    Property Investor Portfolios

    Let me confirm that when media say things there is no proofing it. My portfolio is $12mill with $5mill debt. The range from shopping centres to penthouses in noosa to crappy houses I bought few years ago. One common factor on all of my properties, they all make money, all are strong...
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    Financing termite riddled hell hole

    Nope via EFT :)
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    Financing termite riddled hell hole

    Just want to clarify, I only buy burnt out properties using cash, i.e., no loans.
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    Risky properties for investment

    Depends how you view risk. I am very risk adverse and property investing is all about the numbers so making sure you buy below market value, cash flow is very strong, good solid upside for capital growth then the risk is minimised. pretty houses out of boxes are VERY risky IMO, unless you...
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    Property mangement wanted

    I was going to say Nicole, you can contact her on or 0481 309 610. She has been my personal property manager since the start back almost 10 years ago. Nath.
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    Nathan Birch - New PM in St Marys?

    Acknowledged :) I didn't do the ad, and have always worked off networking for staff (have over 20 now). This is something that in an ideal world should have been picked up, however all I can say is we are results driven not spelling bee's :) Will take note of this for future and let my...
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    Terrible property manager?

    I made a video on this topic recently - As for reviewing rents, no one has a more vested interest in your wellbeing than yourself. I would suggest to do your research regularly on and to get clarity on where your...
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    Changing PM At Settlement

    Yep 6.6% I will do for you, just send an email over and I will get it sorted for you.
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    Negative Gearing in simple terms

    Hi Francesco, I employ people to do all my book keeping and data entry, along with PM's, so I just get emails asking me the odd thing or two :) There can be headaches, however I would spend only about 2 hours a month on my portfolio in any way shape or form. ps, Now days I don't even...