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    Help Please!!! Career Direction

    Write a book and do seminars every couple of months on how to make $600 - $900 passive income per week :D
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    WA Business Ideas

    Oh yay (or boo if I'm dieting). I've never seen one. Will have to keep an eye out.
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    Anyone watching My Kitchen Rules

    Yep love it! Haven't got a favourite couple yet but like the Cheese couple. The older blonde lady looks interesting as well. Neither of the Gen Y female couples thrill me at all but I'm in for the backstabbing and bitchiness that is bound to start. Don't really know who else is in it. And...
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    WA Business Ideas

    Oh, and Perth could really use a Max Brenners too. And Baskin Robbins :)
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    WA Business Ideas

    PM who vet prospective tenants properly, check references, obtain documentation and proof of income and employment and don't talk up tenants who are a bad deal but friends of the receptionist.
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    Politely declining a gift

    Have a talk with your parents as suggested, and if it eventuates that the gift has more strings attached than its worth just accept the cheque graciously and "forget" to cash it. And be thankful your parents haven't got the hang of internet banking.
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    Reporting a welfare cheat / fraudster

    Back to original topic.... I would report them. If they are legally claiming benefits for whatever physical or mental reason then all well and good, if they are rorting then Centrelink will get their money back. And I definately disagree that rorting is the Australian way. Unless you are...
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    Are you ready for Australia Day

    About the only time I have lamingtons is on Australia Day. Love them but yeah probably wouldn't bake them. It's not a day I really put any effort into "celebrating" as such its just another day to me as I'm usually on holidays anyway.
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    Brisbane IP in 2014

    No your're right not much available for sub $350,000 in those suburbs. I was only answering the question about what the desireable suburbs are for couples in late 20s early 30's, not the original question. Although....
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    Don't understand this at all

    Totally agree. And would go even further to suggest that even domestic "pets" should not be kept in captivity either ie big dogs in tiny suburban yards. If you live on a farm or on an acreage in the bush then fine, but not in the city. It's just as cruel to keep a dog cooped up in a small back...
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    Any one ever purchased a haunted house?

    Can be explained by science Wylie, no such things as ghosts :eek: I wonder how much of it is in our minds where we just get ourselves into a panic. I love going on ghost tours of old jails and...
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    Hottest 100

    Im just embarrassed that I only know about 3 or 4 of the songs in the top 10. Must be getting old.
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    Brisbane IP in 2014

    Clayfield, Ascot, Hamilton, New Farm at least amongst my Brisbane friends. I was in Clayfield just the other day visiting an old workfriend who lives in a gorgeous 2 bed unit in Oriel Rd amongst some beautiful houses. I would love to buy in that area but still a bit out of my price range.
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    Sacking PM (WA) for Negligence

    Thanks for the responses peeps, Yes, I am thinking of suing for damages depending on what the final "damages" amount will be. My solicitor thinks I will have a good case, and if the amount is <$10,000 no lawyers need to be involved. I also have LL insurance so will see what I can claim...
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    Disgusting hairdressing service

    Good boy :D