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    Awesome IP accountant needed NSW Central Coast?

    Hi There! We have an IP in QLD and we are on the hunt for a new accountant we can go see as we have just moved to the Central Coast north of Sydney. Can anyone recommend someone who is great with IP's? Many thanks Neaka
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    How to supply expenses to accountant after renovation?

    Hi There, Just hoping for some advice re. supplying details of our expenses after we recently renovated our investment property. I am completely dumb when it comes to knowing whats claimable and whats not (which is why we have an accountant) but i do like to make it as easy as possible for...
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    Does anyone know what the sunshine coast rental market is doing? 2 months no tenant

    Hi There, We recently did a quick reno on our house on the Sunshine Coast Hinterland (near Mapleton) under the advice of our property manager that, with a new kitchen/paint job/floor polish we could get an extra $100 a week rent. We completed the reno early april and still have no...
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    Great sunshine coast architects?

    Hi peoples, just wondering if anyone can recommend me some architects to look at on the Sunshine Coast (preferably with good websites) We are looking to renovate our little cottage soon, but want to use someone reputable and creative. We want a modern QLD style, Sustainable home. TIA :p
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    can anyone recommend me someone to re stump a house in the Sunshine Coast?

    Hi peoples! We are looking to re stump and raise our little cottage in the Sunshine coast hinterland (near Montville). We live interstate so it is hard to get in touch with someone reliable and reputable. Can anyone recommend someone in the area? Thanks
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    QLD sale Q-does this sound right? Desperate for some help?

    Hi there! Im hoping someone can help me. We currently have an offer on our house which was made last week. The agent stupidly sent us the contract via normal post so we are still waiting for it 5 days on. I asked her today about the cooling off period which she said starts on the date we...
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    HELP?! Bad with numbers how do i figure out CGT?

    Hi there, I have posted on this ages ago but the figures have changed a lot since then, so i was hoping someone could help me work this out. (i did call my accountant who explained it to me but it went in one ear out the other) I have been using this online calculator...
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    QLD Sewage easement laws??

    Hi There, Hoping someone can answer my question... We have an IP on QLD's sunshine coast that we currently have on the market. It has a sewage easement out the back smack bang in the middle of the small yard. The house is small, so alot of buyers are looking to put a deck out the back and...
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    Selling IP - Ad just isnt right!!

    Thank you!! That is fantastic! i did have an attempt at writing something but didnt know where to start thank you!!! Yes i am very upset at the low quality of the pics especially since they didnt even take the main shot straight! I am getting a friend to go around tomorrow to take some pics...
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    Selling IP - Ad just isnt right!!

    Ok so how much importance do we place on an internet ad when selling a property? I am a photographer and so obviously place a lot of importance on the photos. We are in Melbourne and the house we are selling is in QLD so i have not been able to take pics. Its only a little 2 bedder but the...
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    Lazy QLD agents...grrrr

    Thanks everyone for the recs i will definitely look into those. Thanks urban cowboy I will look up Heather as I really want someone with a bit of drive especially in this market. Will also look up Doug and ken guy! Thank you! And yes in my moment of frustration i did WAYYYYYY over-generalize...
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    HELP with appointment of agent contract?!!

    Hi everyone, hubby and i are selling our 1st IP. We are new to the selling process and have just received the paperwork from our chosen agent. There are a few things on the paperwork i was hoping some of you experts could shed some light on? Q1. The contract gives us the option of...
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    Lazy QLD agents...grrrr

    I just need to get this off my chest... we are wanting to sell our IP. We are based in melbourne so have to do everything by phone and email. I have contacted 2 agencies to value the property and based on their service we were going to decide who to list it with. I have contacted this...
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    Whats the deal with selling with 2 agencies?

    Hi there! We are selling our beloved IP#1 and need a quick sale. Just wondering if anyone has any knowledge about what the deal is with listing the house with 2 agencies? Questions we have are... Are there any additional cost to us Ie. Marketing costs or commissions? Our reasons for...
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    QLD sunshine coast-Agent recommendation?

    Hi everyone! We are selling our IP in Mooloolah QLD and was wondering if anyone could recommend a gun of an agent we could use to sell? i contacted Laurie evans who we use to prop manage and the agent never called me back to organise an evaluation.....not the type of agent i want selling...