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    CBA Early interest payment

    PIA - Fixed rates process For Westpac I was able to ring the home loan line and request the variable investment loans to be changed over to fixed (1 year) and PIA. It can be done via the phone - they then send you a form to accept the offer and you return that to implement. On the first call I...
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    CBA Early interest payment

    latest fixed rates Have any of the Big 4 adjusted their fixed rates since the May announcement? I noticed that Westpac have announced PIA rate of one year for 4.34% if on the PAP effective 18th May. Do...
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    Funny situation

    Neighbor Relations If you had a property manager then I expect you would get them to deal with the issue? and this this case you are acting as the Property manager - maybe the property managers could advise what they would do. Consider also in the future when you may need something from the...
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    Super - tips to grow it

    Super - SMSF SMSF is more about flexibility and should be reduced fees rather than just a property vehicle. So compare the fees you are paying with having two funds and see if there is an option to reduce. Typically consolidation should mean less fees. Many people would have SMSF without...
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    Credit card

    Credit card - Qantas compare This is very useful website to compare. The NAB offer looks good for the bonus points and free first year.
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    Media - Neg Gearing limit to New IPs

    Does that mean that currently it is not allowed to claim interest deductions to acquire units in a unit trust which purchases residential property? So if I buy a Listed Property Trust and borrow to buy the LPT units I can claim my interest as a deduction. If i setup my own trust and buy units...
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    Negative Gearing on chopping block

    One thing that they could do to "test the waters" would be to say you can only claim X% of the deductions. It could say start at 90% and then be reduced each year for example. They could do the same with CGT - so rather than the 50% reduction, make it 40% then 30%. It could also be for...
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    Land tax calculation

    The calculator shows that the Joint ownership liability would be $445 - so then owner 1 and owner 2 would split that. We just received our land tax notice - one property in joint names. They sent us one notice with the total lax tax on it and both our names. I think its then upto you how...
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    Property Financial Plans

    Devank, key question is who the FP works for and what commissions will they get if you take the advice given. We paid 3K for a SOA from an "independent" advisor. This was to review our Insurance and Superannuation needs. The advice was to double our life insurance - and because my existing...
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    BA Brisbane - off to a poor start?

    Did you also pay a 2.5K deposit to go on the waiting list? - reference Housebuyer20 thread Waiting list okay if there is strong demand that makes sense - paying 2.5K deposit to go on waiting list seems a high premium. Does that also...
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    Retire at 45?

    I would consider purchasing a quality PPOR (high growth, good depreciation), moving in and then changing it over to an IP where you can take advantage of the 6 year year rule. Rent during that unto 6 year period, then you could sell without paying CGT but still being able to claim...
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    Working from home? Pro's and Con's

    I have worked from home for the last 2 years - job involves interacting with colleagues in Asia and the US so working working flexible hours. I love not having to sit in the traffic and the flexibility it allows. I have a separate office in a separate part of the house and a much better setup...
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    Buying into Parents new PPOR as an IP

    Could they sell and lend you the money, you purchase a new PPOR which meets both needs of both you and your parents over the next 10 years - so dual occupancy arrangement (assuming current PPOR does not) Pay down your PPOR debt with their funds - provide them with free rent for life. Equity...
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    If you want your strategy to assist your children - e..g maybe properties for them in the future then you would need to be buying outside SMSF. Also if subdivide is plan then would be problems if purchased within SMSF. So exit strategy for SMSF needs to be considered...
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    Buying under SMSF - house with land vs units

    SMSF - how to make the numbers work Thanks Perthguy. I calculate your gross return at 4.01% - similar and as you say with additional expenses probably 0. I don't think the gross return on deposit in first year is going to look good no matter what sort of property you purchase. Unless...