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    What is your (extra) day off worth?

    Between fiance and I. Combined our incomes have dropped 60% when we chose to be closer to home and she went to part time 3 days a week. Money is great. Quality of life watching family grow up and grow old is better. Though there is a minimum one needs to cover their basics so not everyone can...
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    Another Brissie thread - but a bit different

    It's online. Not that accurate. How I do my research is more as per the spreadsheet linked, compiled using various sources including magazines, websites, time on the ground etc. This is just a quick cut and paste with serverly reduced images. The original file is a 20MB+...
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    Another Brissie thread - but a bit different

    Brisbane suburb stats. Can be filtered by median price, rent, vacancy rate, etc. The one I use for research has a lot more information, infrastructure and flood maps and looks at proximity to schools, shops and other transport. Might want to be something you start for yourself when...
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    Franchise Lawyer

    Preferably Sydney. Fiance us taking care of this side of things and she prefers someone she can meet face to face. Useful contact to have though. Thanks!
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    45% return in 1 year

    BIL just told me someone very recently bought some land in Tamworth for $2.2M and flipped it for $25M or there abouts in 15 months so...
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    Franchise Lawyer

    Anybody know any franchise lawyers they would recommend? Looking at establishing a franchise this year. Any and all relevant advice would be appreciated.
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    FIFO - a question of fairness

    Trust me... you can. Heard it every day on the construction sites out in the sticks. The only person I can genuinly say walked away better off was one of the lower paid labourers about my age. Had a wife and kid. Bought a $60k caravan in a caravan park. The pimpest caravan he could find by...
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    Newcastle Flood Maps

    Hi, I'm struggling to find any useful Newcastle flood maps, even on the website. Anybody know where I may find some - preferably online. Something similar to the Brisbane one would be really useful. Eg: Regards Navid
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    Western Sydney Meetup - Wednesday 20/5/15

    Got another guy looking for you guys. His name is Jim. Number: 0413004504 Someone mind giving him a call. Just settling back into Sydney so will not make it this time.
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    How to make 100k in your spare time.

    It is the most comfortable thing to wear which isn?t pjs and it is easy to slip on. I wear it all the time out, people just assume i?m not a bum, i?m simply daggy looking on the way to work on my 6 pack. Met my last girlfriend that way :cool:
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    How do you qualify a future Son in Law..

    Hey hey, Skater, yes i?m in Venezuela. We spent a couple of weeks in Hawaii bonding with my family now 6 weeks bonding with hers. Her parents are moving to Australia in a month or so as permanent residents, they were tiding up their affairs in Venezuela. After coming to Venezuela i really...
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    How do you qualify a future Son in Law..

    Currently 4 weeks into a 6 week stint at my fiances parents place in Venezuela. Meeting ALL the family. I?m fortunate they are quite chill, not that they have much choice, fiance has her way every time. Things they have told me they looked for was 1. can i support her and am I in...
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    How to make 100k in your spare time.

    Is it possible to do this with a low set budget? Id like to emulate what you are doing with a different product perhaps, however i am concerned with the budget as 1. my costs wont be as tight and will have more creep due to lack of experience 2. with wedding coming up, and pushing for a...
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    How to make 100k in your spare time.

    Hey Ace, Is this a new site or are you going to prop of your existing site. Since you have already set up a pipeline for fitness products, why not funnel new products through that pipeline? Am talking to Laury about importing some products ourselves when we get back to Aus, wil follow...
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    build a granny flat or leave as it is?

    granny flat actual costs will be more along the lines of $115k. granny flats in that area are valued at 80c in the dollar of the construction cost. so likely to only increase value by $80k. higher rental income is great, yet with land that size chances are rent of property at the front and...