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    Crowdfunding Website for real estate investment

    Hi Brandon ASIC had something to say about this recently. Check it out here. Would be interested to hear your ideas and for you to share your experiences. Would be up to the mods though...
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    Scanners, the cloud and paperwork

    No doubt you've tried this already but what about using something like WinZip etc to compress the file? From memory pdf's don't seem to compress too well...but perhaps worth a try? ps. thanks everyone for your thoughts on this. Still pondering and researching. pps. without wanting to...
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    Scanners, the cloud and paperwork

    Hi Guys May seem a bit strange to be posting this question on a property forum but... the Savvy IT quotient on this board is pretty high and property investors seem to have a heap of paper to manage...I know I do. (I will search and ask elsewhere but very interested in the experiences and...
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    Financial Planning Property Academy

    I particularly liked: source: Also, there seems to be scant detail about this tremendiddlyicious organisation on the About Us page... :rolleyes:
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    Coronis Real Estate - experiences?

    I had a very poor experience with them in Coorparoo/Camp Hill. Perhaps it was just the agent though... :mad:
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    Investing my Inheritance

    Hi Shaun First congratulations. Second - for goodness sake don't tell anybody else about this - at least not yet. In particular, whilst it may make for some *fun* times in the short term ;) please don't tell the ladies about this... you may find your appeal strangely enhanced...but your...
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    Am I being short sighted? Houses vs Units and Equity vs Cashflow

    In round numbers...yes... Cheers N
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    Am I being short sighted? Houses vs Units and Equity vs Cashflow

    Hey Rixter After all these years you've surprised me! I always thought the criteria (and your criteria) was that the notional land value of the townhouse was 30% of the purchase price. I.e. if you buy a townhouse for $300k, the unimproved land value (as per rates notice for example) was...
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    Congratulations- Somersoft wedding today

    I'll just add to the chorus of well wishers! Here's to a long and happy life together. :)
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    Deposit on regional commercial property

    Full disclosure is required. Bank will then take value as the 80% (or less). Cheers N
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    Townhouse in West End, Brisbane

    How about a 2 storey townhouse style unit in East Brisbane? Got one coming up for new tenants shortly... :rolleyes:
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    Brisbane Property Networking Group

    Ditto - would love to attend the next one!
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    My little Mona Vale development update - Phase 3

    Well done Michael! You've certainly shown the value of persistence! Also the selfless way you've shared the journey so far (warts and all) has benefited many people immensely (me included). When you get to Brisbane drop us a line and we'll buy you a celebratory beverage or 3! Cheers N
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    Brisbane January 2011

    Apologies can't make it but would love to attend future ones. Cheers N
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    Blue Chip in Brisbane

    In addition to what others have said Hamilton & now Newstead are "blue chip". In the west, Chelmer, Graceville, Tennyson. You could probably add Indooroopilly and St Lucia. I prefer south eastern suburbs so stay away from there! :D:D Cheers N