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    Wyong council to disappear ??

    All over the radio this morning , some councillors asking for intervention.
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    All-time funniest Somersoft threads

    Private emails seem to be still working even to banned members so I have sent Starofdavid a link to the new site just incase he's not there already .:D
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    All-time funniest Somersoft threads

    Don't forget Starofdavid.
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    Bathroom renovation advice needed

    You could have slightly larger shower if you decrease vanity to 600 Standard shower size these days is 900 or 1000
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    Wyong council to disappear ?? If state government gets control I suspect WSC will be split between Gosford and Lake Macquarie and the only ones to blame...
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    SS very first posts

    Just had a look back at some of the first posts on ss ,takes a bit of advance searching but some very interesting threads.
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    Concrete cancer

    Actually if you look at Handyandys pics you will see a section under concrete cancer.
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    Is this a crazy idea? Advice wanted...

    I can understand your frustration , someone with to many liquid assets and small regular employer income over the last few years made it impossible for most lenders todo business with me.
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    Is this a crazy idea? Advice wanted...

    jerrybee , I think you've been around long enough to know the view most serious investors think of OTP , just do your homework see if it stacks up against comparable townhouses nearby.
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    Concrete cancer

    There a few pics on here somewhere , pops up frequently about how the poster repaired a unit balcony.
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    too many IPs

    Yes starting the long process of selling now , reno one by one and selling . Lucky enough to have bought many back in the early 90's. @45 years of age there is more important things to do than accumulate when you have enough to live very comfortably the rest of your life.
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    Granny Flat on the Central Coast

    Might have to google CC granny flats a few come up , Two usually have advertising trailers at Doyalson lights and move around the northern end if your up this way.
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    New Split System?

    All mine over the years have been replaced with Daikin , you will pay more but I have never had any issues , no warranty claims , my oldest is now 10 years. Replaced one a few months back 7kw $2800 installed , could have had it cheaper but only deal with a firm I have trust in , there is proper...
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    End of an Era

    Been a great site , friendly place, I do owe a lot to Jan by reading her first book a long time before cash-flow positive was put out there for everyone. Im now in the selling phase of all property which Ive held for over 20 years which will take a few years so this might also be my...
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    Buffett buys into the Australian share market.