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    PM's fees/charges?

    Just recieved my new P.M. contract.....What are your views? 1.....Management Fee nil to 2.5% includes GST 2.... Total Agent Fees on Rent.... 5.5% to 7.5% 3.... Renewal Fee nil to 50% of first weeks Rent 4... Postage & bank Fees $3.30 p.m...
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    Having a Go

    Thanks for that...Yes , you are correct there will not be a great deal left over , especially when the agent takes approx 3% in commission (about $70K) and I also have to be able to on sell by settlement date....I may be in the poo if that did not occur. It probably is a little to speculative...
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    Having a Go

    Have been offered 6 x 3 bedroom town houses in a gret area of the Gold Coast....Air Conditioning , Granite Bench Tops, DLUG plus an area for a small study...built out of permanent materials. Final settlement end September.. It has been suggested to me that I should purchase these 6 (in a...
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    Rental Dilemma

    I have a rental property in a popular area and wish to advertise for tennants...Has anyone out there have some theories on going about this task. It is a 3 B/R property double lock up garage...Just a standard maintainance free home.Is it best to have an open home and hopefully some one arrives...
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    Estimating renovation

    Reply: 2.1.2 From: John Orbell A very interesting insight into renovations...but just a query...What is this product "white Knight paint" that is applied to cupboard doors to enhance the kitchen...Interesting concept. Great forum