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    NSW Residential Tenancy Agreement

    Hi All, Does anyone have an electronic copy of the current NSW Residential Tenancy AGreement they could email me? I have one I used to use a couple of years ago, but I believe the current standard agreement has changed due to the odd legislation change. Many thanks, Pete Noake
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    google maps now has sydney detail

    Google Earth Forget Google Maps, download and try Google Earth. Incredible !!!!
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    A fair quote for motor-bike insurance?

    Motorbike insurance I agree with Garry ... definately try Swan Insurance. Motorbike specialists, and I found them to be much cheaper than the mainstream insurers (NRMA, AAMI, GIO etc). Either contact them directly or go through a motorcycle dealer for a brochure.
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    Doctor's Certificate for EVERY day off sick

    Minimum Wage You think $17 per hour is dismal? I'm living in the USA at the moment. The Federal Minimum Wage here in the US is $5.15 per hour. But for some jobs (mainly in hospitality), employers are not required by Law to pay their employees even minimum wage. Most hospitality workers...
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    Incident on the I-8

    Hey Sim', we must have been ships passing in the night. I just completed a 21 day tour of California with the family including San Diego (Christmas), San Francisco (New Year), Yosemite (unbelievable amount of snow) and LA. We're back home in Philadelphia now. Not as warm as Florida, but good...
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    Entering the purchase of Property in MYOB

    Got it, I think. Liability Account (Detailed credit Card) for Loan. Asset Account for Property. All balances start at Zero. Into Banking Module. Spend Money. Select Liability Account (from), Asset Account (to) and other details. Thanks, Pete
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    More MYOB Questions

    I wish I had clarified this point two years ago when I started entering my data into MYOB. I have a lot of data purification to do, and a lot of changes to make to my Chart of Accounts. At least I can get it right early(ish) so that I have good records 5-10 and more years down track...
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    Entering the purchase of Property in MYOB

    Let me try to understand this ... create the Asset Account -ie 1-3200 - 100 Bloggs Street (Header), then create another account for the Building/Land cost, ie 1-3210 - Building Land, entering the purchase price in the Opening Balance section, and then add more accounts for capital...
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    More MYOB Questions

    So use option 2 and allocate a Job number to each property to differentiate between the properties? I'll have a look a setting up Jobs. It can't be too hard. Pete (MYOB spastic)
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    More MYOB Questions

    I have plenty of MYOB questions. Setting up expense accounts for recording IP expenses. Is it best to have a single account to record all expenses of a single category for all properties, or have multiple occurences of the same category for each property? Eg. Chart of accounts looks like...
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    Entering the purchase of Property in MYOB

    I'm sure there are a few ways to enter the purchase of property into MYOB, but I'd like to work out which is the best way to do it. Presumably I set up an Asset account, and then go to Purchases, Enter Purchases, and enter the details of the property into the description line of the Purchase...
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    Sample Loan document

    Does anyone have a simple Sample Loan Document they are willing to share with me? I need to draw up a quick loan from myself to my Trust and want to document the loan. I intend for the Trust to use the Loan from me to purchase property, for the Trust to pay interest on the principal, and for...
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    Geoffw in personal investor magazine??

    Why do we need another picture of Geoff in API Magazine? We already know he looks remarkably like Cookie Monster!
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    Would termite activity stop you buying?

    Elizabeth, There really wasn't any need for you to go through with the contract without conducting a pest inspection. Your options could have included: 1. Conduct the building and pest inspections during the 5 day cooling off period, or 2. Make the contract subject to building and pest...
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    Strategy for first IP

    New tax rates from 1 July 03 ... Looks like I'll have to update my spreadsheet with the new figures. Also, this is one of my earlier spreadsheets that hasn't had the stamp duty rates updated. When I review my spreadsheet, I'll post it to the Information Resources forum (unless anyone...