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    How to guess if tenants will keep house clean and tidy by their look

    If I am worried, I do a drive past current property or ask some one too, if its too far from me.
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    struggling renting an IP out; qld

    The reality is that the market for both rentals and sales is a very fluid beast. It all revolves around supply and demand. As we know the supply is constantly being added to by new product. And yes the demand is also being added to, by population growth. Sadly both don't naturally tract each...
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    buying a house with tenants living there with out a lease

    It concerns me that there is no tenants name. The rent mentioned, is that weekly, monthly or annually? Additionally, I would assume that there is no entry condition report. As others have mentioned, being a good tenant, may indicate a good one going forward. Is it possible that the seller gave...
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    Bidding for a family member in auction

    In QLD, you could have the contract in their name, and sign as duly authorised agent. The agent appointment does not need to be in writing.
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    Must I pay stamps on nomination as land has not titled? How can I sell for profit?

    Terry, I am always envious when some one takes "over the phone advice" from a department. Yes I saw it was Vic, however still felt it worth suggestion "get advice"
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    Must I pay stamps on nomination as land has not titled? How can I sell for profit?

    My understanding of QLD legislation, the nomination, (if the purchase was and or nominee) had to be in writing, prior to entering into the Contract. I am also told, that does not guarantee that the Stamps Office do not see it as a second sale, and look for stamps on original documentation (which...
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    Selling before approval?

    Off The Plan selling has been going on for some time. Yes you should see legal advice, if you want to do either an "intention" letter of a Contract to ensure you are within State law.
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    Security - what can I offer?

    I agree with the comments so far. Sadly we do have to deal with this from time to time. We meet with the tenants in our office and discuss it with them. What are the options, if they move what will the "get". If they perceive then will get better security, then we list that as discussion with...
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    2 titles on one block

    Sadly, I often see agents advertising "2 Titles" when in actual fact, all they have are "2 Allotments". As Darryl indicated, getting the "2 Titles" is not difficult. Doing one to two lot subdivision, is a different matter.
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    Friend AirBnB'd her rented place, PM found out, received 48 hour kick out notice

    While I do not know the Vic legislation, however I believe that if a breach was committed, a breach notice is all that could have been issued. Should the breach not have been rectified, then application to terminate the tenancy could then be applied for in the Tribunal. I am not aware that...
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    Breach of lease delivery

    If you use Registered Post, the tenant may know that it is an official notice, and choose not to collect. Better to deliver my hand.
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    REA issues

    Hetty, as you are in Sydney, I assume that the property is there as well. From what I am reading, the market is pretty hot there. Is that the case where you are looking? As everyone knows, the agents role is to maximise the price for the seller, however not at the risk of losing a sale. Most...
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    Settlement date falls on a weekend - what to do?

    Yes JB, it was very much tongue in cheek.
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    Either the most expensive property in Australia or a REA error

    You only need one sale like that every now and then, and you would be doing OK .. :) I am surprised that it has not been corrected yet.
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    Settlement date falls on a weekend - what to do?

    Darryl, is not the correct answer ... the contract automatically cancels ..... :) sorry, its been that sort of day :)