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    Is it innovative way to do tax or hidden trap?

    That's what my accountant said which i preferred his simpler "pay back" explanation as Pushka already posted It makes more sense if she does that. In reality my friend didn't have any income from the rent, she did it on paper to claim few more $K a year without knowing what she will give back...
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    Is it innovative way to do tax or hidden trap?

    Hi all, My friend and I have a talk over lunch yesterday and I just felt a bit strange about what her accountant did. My friend bought her principle resident 2years ago and pay P&I for it. Last financial year her accountant suggested they could do something with her cash flow by turned...
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    RP Data Group Access - anyone interested in access??

    Pls also send me PM if the NSW setting is up. Thanks
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    history of suburb's capital growth

    wow, thanks guys. murtagh, i found the website very useful to my need. merlin, I'm looking at nsw and qld suburbs at the moment, If you also have data of these 2 states pls let me know
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    history of suburb's capital growth

    Hi all, Anyone know how and where to find info about last 10yrs capital growth in a suburb? The most I can find is 5 yrs back, and it's from RP free report. Thanks
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    Too good to be true..?? Or is it..??

    My question probably isn't related to this thread but how everyone here check how long the ad has been put on the website like
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    Did anyone go to Peter Koulizos' seminar session at the expo?

    His top 10 suburbs in Sydney are: Erskinville Leichhardt newtown san souci Kogarah Rockdale Banksia Arncliffe Turrella Bexley
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    water charges in hervey bay

    Thanks Tanya and Bazza. I crossed out 120kl, put in 80kl/4months, sent back to the agent and they went ahead without a fuss :rolleyes: Don't know why they told me about unable to change water charge amount :D
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    water charges in hervey bay

    I'm going through the management agreement and the reasonable amount of water was filled with 120klts for every 4 months, it's 1kl/day I have to pay for the tenant. It seems too high for me so I phone the widebay water whom in charge of water billing (after I already search all the related posts...
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    Questionnaire for property manager

    after made few more calls to agencies I noticed that beside the usual management way which is the PM will take care of everything and you will contact only she/he for any problem, there's another type which is 2-3 PMs will manage the same portfolios and each of PM taking care of 1 aspect. It...
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    Questionnaire for property manager

    Hi Pablo, thank you for your inputs, I updated my questionnair and make a few calls today,I haven't found the PM I want yet but the list really helps to get needed info :)
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    Questionnaire for property manager

    I’m going to phone REs around my IP’s area before let the most suitable PM looks after my property. It’s my first attempt so I thought a questionnaire will make comparing task easier as I only need tick for some “multiple choices” and quickly note down for the others. The following attachment...
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    good property manager in Hervey Bay,QLD

    My tenant will move out in next few more months, so i'm looking around for a new PM now. Can anyone let me know if someone they have used and would recommend? Thanks
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    What age are you now?

    me turning 27 next month and just got out of "buyer remorse" mode after 2 months of my first purchasing :rolleyes:
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    SIG Meeting Monday September 17th 2007 - Its back!!! The Panel

    Hi perky, 1 for me please.Ta.