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    Selling without engaging REA

    Thank you the advice and suggestions offered. I understand I'll have to price it lower to attract potential buyers, and will have a look at the Caveat Emptor section as a potential channel. P.S. As tempting as JWR's offer is, I'll have to decline...
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    Selling without engaging REA

    I have a unit at Marsfield (NSW) and am interested to put it on the market. Having been rented out for awhile, I intend to sell it as is without putting in any enhancement or new furnishing. I will price it lower to target rennovator-investors or first-home buyers. I've been told REA will not...
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    Paying off your mortgage quicker

    Hi DanielG, I thought you had made up your mind when you created the title of this thread in the first place. The extra $50K would allow you to pay off the mortgage sooner. Assuming, you are on an offset account and you keep repaying the same amount as before.
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    Borrowing offshore at lower interest rates.

    Hi Grossreal, I am kind of new to the forum, and am interested to learn about the tax implication, if any, on the path you have taken. I am sure the institutions you have transacted with would have reported to ATO. Assuming the scenario pans out as you have planned, would the interest savings...