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    Paint colours - walls vs trims vs doors - diff combos

    Hi there Painting the doors and the trim around the doors a grey colour hides fingermarks. This was recommended to a friend who has an IP, by a painter.
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    Picture Hooks in a Rental Property

    Blu tac a no no Hi there We once had our carpet cleaned and the chap told us that blutac was an awful thing to remove from carpets. Just a thought I had ... perhaps a corkboard could be attached to a wall of a bedroom which was going to be used by kids - to attach their pictures to...
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    Checking your property management statements

    Hi there I also found an error in our monthly tax invoices. The lease was renewed and the rent had increased by $5 per week. On checking the statement, I noticed that the first week in the new lease had not been increased by that $5. I also found that the dates paid for the rent...
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    Not protcol to divulge address

    Hi there. I had a similar experience when I was looking for a property in Gladstone. I gave the agents specific suburbs, property types, age of property etc, and one agent still continued to show me a range of houses that didn't even come close to my requirements. It certainly is alot of...
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    A timely reminder....

    Hi there. A friend of mine is an experienced high school teacher and she once said that if there was a fight going on between two males, she would go in and stop it but if it was a couple of teenage girls, she wouldn't. So much for the weaker sex!
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    Spending the kids inheritance

    This won't be a problem! Hi there, Our situation will be different. I'm saving up so that I can buy my parents a home so they can, in their old age, live without fear of having to move. My husband's parents separated and while his father is wealthy because he only gave his wife a set...
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    house revaluation

    Lovely to hear Ecogirl. Simply inspirational stuff!!
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    Is your partner involved too ?

    Hi there. My partner is very happy for me to do the "investing stuff". I still tell him all about how things are going, (and pretend not to notice the eyes glazing over.) He knows that I do alot of research and planning. He reckons as long as he has money for his fishing stuff, he's happy!
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    Do you buy your new tenants a gift?

    Hi there. We're new to the PM game, but we put in a welome basket for the new tenant in our IP. We put things like tea, coffee, little jams, some UHT milk and some choccies - the type of things we would appreciate after travelling 7 hours to move into a new place. We also put in a folder of...
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    Hi there. I was just wondering whether personal liability means the same thing as public liability? Thanks
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    Property Insurance

    Hi there. It may help you to have a bit of a look using the search function. There is quite a bit on this topic. Good luck
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    Landlords Insurance

    Hi there. It might be worth your while having a bit of a look at the search function on the forum. You will be surprised how much info is there about landlord insurance. Good luck.
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    Recalcitrant tenant

    Hi there This is probably an unusual reply, however, I just looked up Crohn's Disease. It might be worthwhile reading.
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    Rent never paid consistently by PM

    Hi there. Our PM pays the rent (less fees) into our account in the last week of each month. We also receive our PM statement in the same week.
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    Mount Morgan QLd

    Hi there. I went on a guided tour through Mt Morgan last year and was impressed. It has alot of quaint old homes with lovely gardens. It has a terrific museum. The mine closed years ago but there has been talk of maybe going through the old stuff with modern equipment to see if any more...