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    Sunshine results today

    In the spirit of the change over, I will be posting futire comments of Sunshine (and surrounding area) results on property chat. As my friend still has not purchased a property and we are getting quite serious about it now (he's going to the bank on Monday to get his real borrowing power, not...
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    Sunshine results today

    You could end up building apartments on the block due to its zoning. Might have a **** fight with the neighbours though. My mate was going to live in it for a year, land bank it and then work out what to do with it. It did have some options and on a long term perpective does have some...
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    Sunshine results today

    Went to two auctions today and bidded at one. Above one was the one I bidded at today. Went for $635k. I was out at $600k which I thought was a high price even in this market...
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    Sunshine results today

    Didn't go to any auctions today. Hopefully next weekend will go to a couple. I did view the following property a few weeks ago. When my friend asked for the price apparently I guessed it. It is new and in a good...
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    Sydney Market at top - calling a severe correction in 2018-2019

    Sash, you picked the boom in 2010 so I'll take notice of you point on the correction in 2018-2019.
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    Keep or sell?

    Simply to sell a unit and buy another unit for tax deduction reasons isn't the best move. Firstly, what are the agent fees to sell the unit Secondly what will the stamp duty be to purchase another property.
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    Can you avoid CG Tax if reinvesting sales in new property?

    If the property is commercial property that you use to operate your business and you qualify for the small business tests for CGT purposes than you can rollover the sale.
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    Sunshine results today

    Deltaberry, it looks cheap but rental yields are only just above 3%. Being from the east I thought that it was cheap too.
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    Sunshine results today

    Went to a few auctions today. Here are my thoughts on them and at the end I'll give my overrall view. $662,000. In the Matthews Hills estate. Property is nice (for Sunshine standards). On a main road. Was a very...
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    Is it time for Laverton yet?

    You can still get houses in Sunshine West in the $300's. I don't know Laverton that much however anything in Laverton not within walking distance from the station, I rate Sunshine West as a better suburb. Compare prices to the cheapest parts of Sunshine West to areas of Laverton not close...
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    Seriously will Syd ever stop going up?

    I find Sydney too humid for my liking. Of course there are worse places for humidity but being from Melbourne I feel Sydney's humidity in summer.
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    Seriously will Syd ever stop going up?

    Is there a train from Mt Duritt to the CBD? Is there a freeway to Mt Duritt to the CBD? I wouldn't spend a million dollars to live anywhere but I would consider living in Mt Durrit with the bogans (quite like bogans) if the above is satisfied. Probably never live in Sydney because of...
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    45% return in 1 year

    You can get more of a return in the stock market by picking the right stock. Give Metcash 12 months and see the return from today's prices.
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    Seriously will Syd ever stop going up?

    Hasn't Sydney just started going up? II remember the late 90's and early 00's when Sydney was going up and people were asking the same questions. Yes it will stop going up, but considering this growth started around 2012, there is probably more growth in it. It flat linned for a few years.