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    Holiday Letting - Cleaning Costs

    Hi there, Just wondering if anyone knows the going rate for cleaning costs on a holiday rental. I have a 2 bed 2 bath unit and I am getting charged $140 per clean in a coastal location. It seems very high.....but maybe that's the going rate ? :rolleyes: Regards PIppety
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    Good Property Management Agency - Inner Brisbane / Brisbane North

    Hi, It's been a looooong time since I visited the forum but great to see it's still kicking along with lots of activity. Can anyone recommend a good property management agency servicing the inner north suburb of Clayfield ? I would preferably like to go through someone who specialises in...
  3. An IP :)

    An IP :)

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    Camp Hill Queenslander

    Sale ? Thanks Jarrod, I might keep the info to myself at the moment until the sole agency finishes but thanks anyway for the offer. Cheers PIppety
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    Camp Hill Queenslander

    Offers ? Nothing in writing but we have only had 2 open houses (1 on election day with nobody through) so it's very early days. I am just keen for a quick sale with the baby due in 2 weeks (one less thing to worry about I suppose). As I said, we have no concerns about re-renting the...
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    Camp Hill Queenslander

    Howdy Folks, It's been a while so go easy on me :D We are currently selling a Queenslander that we own in Camp Hill (Brisbane). It is a great house on a 567sqm block very close to transport, shops, schools etc. The house has 2 bedrooms, 2 sleepouts and a sunroom although one of the...
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    Capital Gains in the next 12 months ?

    I created a new one for all to vote :) Cheers PIppety
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    Capital Gains in the next 12 months ?

    Here it is - back by popular demand :)
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    negative gearing and the labor party

    NRL nah Geoff, they're still one ball bandits :)
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    Inflation rates ??

    Howdy folks, Just wondering if anyone knows where I can find historical annual inflation data. What I am looking for is an annual percentage so that I can look at roughly what rental increases should have been. I have been to the RBA and ABS websites and can only seem to find quarterly and...
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    Painting over wallpaper..can u?

    I have painted over wallpaper and it looks ok from a distance. My advice though would be if you have the time and expertise then you would be much better off removing it. PIppety
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    Landlord the Lawnmower Man

    Pools Tony, None of mine either. I just thought it was always the pool cleaner that always got the inside information or was that the ..... ? PIppety
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    Landlord the Lawnmower Man

    mmmmm.... What about the pool cleaner ???
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    Tricky One ?

    1 Bedder with Study Thanks all for the feedback. In my situation it is not an option to add a skylight or really do any alterations to the study at all. It is almost brand new and the study is "internal" with 3 floors above it. It is a big room (almost as big as the bedroom) and has an...
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    Tricky One ?

    Hi there, Does anyone know the legalities around rooms in apartments with no windows ??? I have an apartment with 1 bedroom and a study. The study does not currently have a door on it and from what I know would not have passed council approval on completion if it did because it does not...