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    Six figure deposit and want to get into Sydney property market

    agree with Mick c.. Also I would probably use your deposit on multiple properties rather one HUGE deposit for only one property...
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    Budget around $800k - Glenwood ?

    Hello, I m wondering how the location along sunnyholt rd compare to the Tuscan water side.. I did noticed the sunnyholt road ends are slightly older and less tidier look... thanks...
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    Due diligence in purchasing a property in Syd

    Honestly those inspection reports means jack all in Sydney. So what if it reveals issues, more than likely the vendor will not reduce the sell price as there is a stream of potential buyers who is willing to take this risk... I ended up Getting reports done so that I know what needs to...
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    Is this a Restriction?

    Hi all, I am reading a contract of sale for a property I wanted to purchase. It he property is in nsw The Map of Subdivision show an easement for a drainage drain and furthermore a patch of area "U970101 Covenant" and "U970102 Covenant". Does anyone have any idea what these areas "U970101...
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    Some Tips for New Investors

    Having a big police station is a turn off! Hahaha only busy police station gets to have a big place.. Must be busy down that end ;)
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    Buying in Glenwood, NSW

    Resurrecting this thread Recently moved to nsw and i am looking to buy in Glenwood i am wondering where in glenwood are more sought after? in terms infrastructure (transport blah blah blah) much appreciated
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    Due diligence in purchasing a property in Syd

    In such a flaming hot market in sydney, how does one do their due diligence (pest and structural inspection) when purchasing a place. Properties get snapped within one inspection opening.. Literally one days time... Is there anyone out here on somersoft who doesnt do inspection? Has this...
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    Ascot Vale, VIC

    Albanga, within that price range you can actually get some decent sized 2 bdrm 1 car space along Maribyrnong Road with Tram and Train Access (Ascot Vale Station). I believe a lot of the oversupply is to do with the developments at ENCLAVE and EDGEWATER. Mirvac are soon to complete the first...
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    Ascot Vale, VIC

    Hi All, I've been looking at Ascot Vale closely for the past few months and would like to hear any feedback for any property investors who bought Units in this area? My purchase is for an investment and my budget is $350K - $380K. I see there are units on Maribyrnong Road (near the...
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    Cracking up! Fixing brick walls

    yes... experiencing this right now
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    External Wall Render Colour

    charcoal and cream reminds me of Oreo biscuits
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    Guidelines to looking at apartments?

    my list of preferences in apartments: - lots of natural light - laundry facilities - gas cooking preferred - on site parking - no lifts (usually older style buildings do not have more than 3 stories high) - a good maintanence and sinking fund in place (my place is crap so currently do not...
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    $250K Melbourne City ShoeBox Apartment vs Inner Suburb Apartment

    rest assured.. i m definitely not the guy who owns that place i posted...
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    Opinions on a North Melbourne apartment

    outside looks old, inside looks new any flaws would have been hidden fairly well.. (i got a valuable lesson myself when i purchased something similar - not only i paid a premium on the reno done by the vendor plus i had to fixed the crap job he did after i moved in)
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    $250K Melbourne City ShoeBox Apartment vs Inner Suburb Apartment

    my 2 cents here.. i lived 20+ yrs in east and recently moved to west-ish east is too expensive so the budget you have will be difficult to find something west is underrated and public transport is getting better and better.. i found this property (not my own but near where i live now)...