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    How long should I wait for MB contact?

    There is no special urgency (ie no pending settlement or similar) but I do want to keep moving, so I guess I'll look for another. Thanks all!
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    How long should I wait for MB contact?

    Hi, I'm looking at re-financing our PPOR to create an LOC for investment plus offset account. I met with an MB (off this forum) in January and outlined my plans. We talked over what I ought to do and I have since cleaned up my finances considerably. Trouble is, I've been trying via email and...
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    new multi unit development in Bonbeach (Chelsea) VIC

    Doubt this - the "medium density" component approval was part of the original re-zoning of an old TAFE site and redevelopment by VicUrban. Any objections were dealt with at that point. There will probably be no appeal process now. I live very close and my biggest concern is the impact on...
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    Demolition company

    We used a co. called Brute Force after getting a couple of quotes. The losing quotes weren't surprised when they found out who won the job. Be prepared for a lot of little crap around afterwards though (ie bits of broken glass etc). cheers
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    Draftsman recommendations Eltham, NE suburbs Melbourne

    Hi Kitkat, Does it need to be local? We live / built in Bonbeach, but used a draftsman living in Caroline Springs. Long way off, but it was only a couple of visits. (This followed a horrible experience with a "designer" in the CBD, that we won't go into) good luck
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    Property Valuations

    Excellent info on a subject I'm just starting to look into.... thanks Does it make a difference which bank (if you know what I mean)? cheers