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    Darwin Broker Recommendation

    Thanks for the feedback so far guys. I'll take a look at mortgagechoice as well. I thought about the option of a non local broker but I felt that she'd much prefer having someone visit her and sit down and explain her options etc and how to structure her homeloans to best effect (ie IO with...
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    Darwin Broker Recommendation

    My younger sister is looking to purchase a property up in Darwin and is quite inexperienced. I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for a good mortgage broker up in Darwin that may be able to assist her. On a similar vein, an internet search turned up has anyone...
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    Williamstown, Newport, Yarraville

    Gday all, Has anyone got any opinions on the subject suburbs (ie Williamstown, Newport or Yarraville?) We're looking to invest up to 750k in a 3 bed property in one of these suburbs. We'll live in the house for about 18 months and then it will become a rental. To maximise rental return...
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    Elizabeth, North Adelaide, SA

    Here it is if anyone's interested
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    Calling all pre 1990 buy and hold property investors

    Awesome story bianca. Thanks heaps for sharing..... This bit worried me a bit though. :)
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    Stategies - What is your strategy?

    Thanks for your answers so far Rixter. Hopefully nobody minds Wasp and me slightly hijacking this thread.... I'm still a little confused about this bit 'and later using an LOC (used purely for investng) secured from those earlier purchased IPs.' If you're using the built up equity of the earlier...
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    Stategies - What is your strategy?

    Hi Rixter, I've read this CGA strategy a couple of times now and I agree, it looks great. Thanks for sharing. I have a question though, It seems to me that for this strategy to work you need to have not used the accumulated equity in each property along the way to help fund new purchases...
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    Totally unbeleivable.

    HAHAHAHA absolutely they didn't..... In fact, the landlord was subsequently ordered to pay the tenant ANOTHER $4160.... oops. just noticed this has already been mentioned.... oh well, amazing!
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    Threads updating themselves

    As was mentioned in another thread I think you'll find it's due to people voting in poll's. ie. when someone votes the 'last edited' flag gets amended. I dont' remember this happening previously so I think it might have changed during the recent forum software upgrade.
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    cash rate unchanged!

    Or maybe it is already happening?,23636,23663846-462,00.html
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    Current/ex-military types...

    RAAF 1999- Present 2 years ADFA 2 years RMIT 4.5 years Amberley (82WG, EBU, 1SQN) currently doing a 12 months masters in the UK. Finish in September and then back to DGTA for 4 years to pay my penance. Most enjoyable/challenging job so far was JENGO at 1SQN. 2 trips OS for exercises in...
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    Yes2 - Financial Education for Australia's Youth :) Feedback please!

    My quick thoughts I think it depends on what exactly you're trying to achieve.... I know it sounds obvious but at the moment it seems a little bit about motivation and a little bit about information. Do you envisage it as a one off presentation to a group of students to get them thinking...
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    How does an offset account impact on tax deductions?

    Very true, as long as the 10% on shares is after Tax. Because any amount in your offset is earning 8% tax free.
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    Wow, what a great website. I just checked out one of our IPs located in Chermside QLD. I copied and paste the data to Excel and produced some graphs. The property is a 2 br duplex style house in a culdesac. There's about 30 or so properties in the complex and they're all fairly similar so...
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    CGT start date

    Hmmmmm interesting take on it...... The ATO website does say (thanks yo yo ma) which suggests that the correct value to use would be in the vicinity of $240k. But the ATO website doesn't seem to provide any guidance on determining the market value at the first time you used it to produce income