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    Questions about Project Homes - NSW

    Project homes are volume builders. They build hundreds or thousands of home each year - mostly their own designs (or variations of same). They negotiate good deals with their suppliers and sub-contractors to keep the price down. If you want to build a private design, all that is lost, and the...
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    Not for the insurance companies :(
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    Offer accepted..

    That's correct.
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    Low rise apartment block with lift

    When we buy units in the Inner West and other places, we avoid buildings with lifts because of the increased costs associated with maintenance, that strata levies must cover. You don't say how many units are in the complex - but I suppose the more units then the more owners to share the costs...
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    Freaky Deja Vu !

    Deja vu is usually a glitch in the Matrix. It happens when they change something.
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    Somersoft Goodbye Thread

    Should be good, as long as it does not end up like Vegemite iSnack 2.0 :p
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    End of an Era

    I arrive back from a short holiday to be greeted with this sad news, WOW :( ^ ^ what he said.......and to all the moderators over the years too. I've learned heaps from everyone's contributions and even changed careers and became a Buyers Agent during my time on here. Onwards and...
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    car insurance

    Only if the car is used for all or part (pro-rata expense claim) business use. Otherwise, no, it is a private expense.
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    Buyers Agent in Campbeltown Region

    Yes, Alan does :) or rather more accurately, one of Alan's BA's does.
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    Does Swimming pool adds value to property as far resell concern

    If you spend $30K on a pool it adds less than that to the value of the property - maybe $20K at most, so it is not a value-add. In addition, you severely restrict your potential pool of buyers for a resale. 30% of the market is investors - almost 100% of whom do not want a pool in their IP...
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    company trust

    That's not the question you should be asking. You should be asking what you are trying to do in the first place. Asset protection? Tax savings? Etc.
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    Under quoting auction price

    If it backs a railway line, depending on the suburb, it may sneak in under $400K. I think my record for seeing agent under quoting is an initial price guide of $1.1M which was increased to $1.3M during the campaign, that ended up selling at auction for $2.56M. So nothing seems unusual to me anymore.
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    Common area backyard query

    In my opinion it won't increase the value of the unit. You still have a 1/3 share of the backyard as you always did. However, it is more attractive to someone wanting to rent or to buy in the future, and should therefore sell quicker, maybe for a better price.
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    Insurance for house and granny flat

    AAMI won't do them either. We use CGU without any problems. There may be others too.
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    Build steps or?

    Steps or a ramp that a person doing the laundry could wheel a clothes trolley down to the clothes line.