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    Why do agents ask this question ?

    Thank you all so much for taking the time to reply, you have all well and truly answered my question and provided me some food for thought. Fingers crossed my offer gets accepted !
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    Why do agents ask this question ?

    Hi all - I'm 28 and put an offer on a 2bed apartment today which will be my third in hopefully many more IP's to come. I'm starting to feel more and more comfortable with the process of negotiating with agents but they still make me nervous as I get somewhat intimidated with people in this...
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    What's Your Day Job (if any)?

    I'm a flight attendant - office with a view :)
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    young property investors

    Hi all ! My first post on this website. I am 27. Saved up a $30,000 deposit from when I was 18 and bought my first place in 2003 for 225k. Bought my 2nd in 2006 for 180k. Both have gone up in price and now looking at purchasing my thirdas an IP. My second property is my PPOR. My wage is...