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    The right time to restructure

    Thanks. The unit is rarely vacant, and not for long (usually less than a week). The REA usually has contracts organised back to back to minimise downtime. You will not get a long term tenant at these rates, however. Longest vacancy was for a month, but we had a sewage spill straight after a...
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    The right time to restructure

    Dear all, Long ago, when I started property investing I hadn't heard of trusts, so I put some properties 99% in my name and 1% in my wife's for the tax deductions. However, I was also buying cashflow positive properties. Don't laugh, we all have to learn. However, I have taken a job in the...
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    Just a thought....

    Dale, I know you're into good works, but what PRECISELY did you have in mind here?
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    Time spent on the internet vs Body Mass Index

    I agree. If you read a book called "Protein Power" (regardless of whether you agree with the recommendations) it has a means of calculating lean body weight and works with that. The methods are a little complex and are different for men and women. Worth a read, however. I'm not going to...
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    anti-whaling petition

    No, Duncan. It's not an arrogant sneering attitude, they can't se why the rest of the world is seeing fit to tell them what it is morally right or wrong to eat. In their view, the anti whaling nations are the holier-than-thou arrogant sneering ones. Given the press I read, I'd say they at...
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    Happy Australia Day

    It may not be totally random. This only appears on - plain ol' Google is unchanged.
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    Schapelle Corby - Guilty or not ?

    She's guilty becuase a legitimately constituted court in a country found her guilty. That's the definition here too - she was inncocent until the judges pronounced their verdict. She's also guilty because she possessed (i.e. owned and was carrying a bag which contained) illegal drugs. That's...
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    Top 20

    Oh no, here we go...the invasion of the message count zombies!:eek:
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    Have a go at this one

    I'm with you on both counts. Put three extra zeros on it and I will take the certainties every time. I haven't thought about the midrange.
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    For Sale ...BUT...

    You can always offer to buy subject to vacant possession. That (a) makes it the vendor's problem (and she may not want to sell to someone who will boot her daughter out and (b) is generally considered a reasonable condition.
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    Financial Hygiene.. our dirty society :)

    Take MY word for it, markpatric, blue is only blue if you're not colourblind, the earth is oblate, not round and you can fly whether you flap your arms wildly or not . A positive outlook will see you go a long way, if combined with sense and determination. A negative outlook will also see you...
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    Just one Powerball!

    Dr Quiggles ran this test a while ago (only asked about $1 million) and most of her colleagues and acquaintances couldn't say what they'd do with it - a car here, a holiday there, that sort of thing, but most were really threatened by the thought of that much money.
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    Dragons' Den Channel 7

    Harry Triguboff - self made building billionaire, market, manipulator of governments (like all developers need to be to some extent) and, by repute, able to verbally skin people alive.
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    If you read Dazzling's other posts, you'll find that he says that he is talking about cashflow positive after all costs. The key is that he invests in commercial (and reasonably large size) investments, and is not a fan of residential re. Each to their own, but I suspect that the...
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    Liability of a Resigned Director

    My understanding is that if people can even draw a link between your directorship and anything that happened, you may have problems. EG. The company is going down the tubes (and you didn't know it but could have if you had had financial qualifications), you resign and later it's found that...