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    Surely there's something that gives us Landlords a right to kick them out!!??

    Actually Erin your PM SHOULD be able to lodge a tenant during the tenancy. We do. We lodge tenants under the "current tenant" classification. We cannot at that stage add comments like "idiot tenant that is constantly in arrears" or "avoid with bargepole" but we lodge them anyway. The logic...
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    Uncle Simon

    Congratulations Simon! Is this the first time you have been an uncle? It is a position of great privelege ... my kids love their uncles and they do all sorts of cool things together. Fishing, frisbee, kite flying, sand castles, monster chasey games, snorkling, chess .... I do think you are in...
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    2 x PM, 1 Property

    I'd be cautious of that, having two PMs finding tenants and giving the management to the one that rents the fastest. I'm always a bit leery of the Hot Body approach - rent to the first hot body that looks remotely interested - don't worry about references or tenant quality, just bung 'em in...
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    2008 US Presidential Election

    Also, Ron Paul is the only cnadidate that I have heard say would bring the troops home. He says the war is un-constitutional and he would bring the troops home, if they want to fight a war then they have to formally declare war first.
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    2008 US Presidential Election

    I'm glad Merovingian mentioned Ron Paul, he striles me as a candidate that talks honestly and more sense than most. In fact he really impresses me, I would vote for him. Then Obama then Hillary, I find her "smile" off-putting.
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    Marriage in Trouble

    I agree with Tubs, love is a decision not a feeling.
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    I hate this “Delayed Gratification” idea!

    My husband heard an interesting research article being discussed on the radio last week ... psychologists took a group of four year olds, one at a time into a room. In the room was a plate with a marshamllow on it. They say to the four year old "you can have this marshmallow if you like. It...
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    Charity Work

    Wonderful idea. I live in Perth, where can I donate to? Do they want childrens items as well?
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    How Dodgy is this!

    Thank you Dazzling Dazzling, If that really was your last post ... NO DON'T GO!!! I really enjoy your posts, your adroit get-to-the-meat of the matter approach, your humour, your keen sarcasm. I laugh out loud at your posts and often you have cheered me up and changed a so-so day into a...
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    The Big Bad Question.

    I'm a Christian. I believe in God the creator of the universe. i was not bought up actively Christian, in fact my parents were taken aback when i was baptised as an adult ten years ago. I look around at the sunset, at the incredible universe, at my children and I cannot get my mind around...
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    If I terminate rental contract early....

    Hi. In WA, and I think would be very similar in your state, it is not as simple as "you decide to terminate". If the tenant is in a fixed term agreement, then it can only be ended by mutual agreement. So if they don't want to leave, you are stuck. You have two options so far as I know: 1...
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    Wills...what to do with kids

    Yes we like Wylie's solution (oldest child) ... our only snag is that our oldest child is only (nearly) 12 so we have to hang around for another 6 or so years before we get run over by buses ... It is a worry and a bother and a source of concern. We go for ages ignoring the whole thing (that...
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    Renting to refugees?

    We have one of our own proeprties rented to a Sudanese refugee family, and I work as a property manager and about five of the houses I manage are rented to refugee families. Mostly from places in Africa (Sudan, Rwanda, Botswana, Liberia), they have been through wars, torture and horrific...
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    Kalgoorle/Geraldton-are they goers?

    We've had an investment property in Kalgoorlie for several years. It always rents out and the tenants are always transient types and there is always a bit of cleanup work when they go ... the best bits about Kal are 1. the vibe of the place, it is an exciting energetic place with lots...
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    Property investing vs starting a family

    No worries, you can do both. We bought our first investment property when our first child was about 6 months old - we weren't as organised as you two! - and now we have six children and more properties than children. We chose older run down properties mainly (fixing up houses is family time I...