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    Bathroom renovation advice needed

    Which wall is the show head on? You don't need a door on the shower. Just use one glass panel flush with the sink cabinet and the tiles flowing towards the drain.
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    Perth meetup - Saturday, June 20th

    If anyones walking in, we are the biggest group. They dont have somersoft listed
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    Perth meetup - Saturday, June 20th

    Where is everyone, they dont have somersoft under the booking
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    Perth meetup - Saturday, June 20th

    heading over now :D
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    New Split System?

    What size aircon do you have at the moment? Sounds like you only need a small-medium system for that since its around 20SQM. It will also depend on type of insulation, windows, ceiling height yadda yadda.
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    Whats the highest % of income you accepted ?

    I originally advertised my property for $450, I put it down to $400 after no serious interest in 3 weeks. I've now got a few people applying which is great. The first people to apply got great feedback from their PM, so it looks like it might be them. No issues with income to rent ratio.
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    Split system cleaner - Perth

    Maybe try Glen 20 or a diluted bleach spray before trying more expensive stuff.
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    New Split System?

    What size system and size is your room. You can go for many different brands
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    Six figure deposit and want to get into Sydney property market

    Why Sydney, why not use that as 3-4 deposits else where?
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    End of an Era

    Wow this was a stock, hopefully the new site can match Somersoft.
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    Will you have a Job in 2025..

    I studied web design at school and tafe in the 90's. Never got a job doing it. The technology moved very fast, I ended up changing to an I.T. field where most things are the same as they were 20 years ago.
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    Repair to IP

    30cm? I had about 10 meters of guttering replaced like for like which included repairing all split joins around the whole house for $600. What is wrong with the guttering can you not wait until you move in and fix it yourself? Gutter people won't want to do this unless they fit it in...
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    WIR & ensuite extension

    Not without knowing the size or where existing electrical and plumbing is located.
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    compensation? faulty oven

    three weeks without an oven I would want compensation as a tenant.
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    Perth Property Market updates

    That sucks, is it a good property?