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    $60,000 invest or use it to buy?

    I think Lotana's idea of investment in a property trust is a good one - I've had some excellent returns from investment in some commercial property syndicates over the last 12 months, averaging over 9%. However, be careful of those investing in office space - today's Australian Commercial...
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    Wary PI and Insurance

    Reply: 1.1.1 From: Ric1 . Landlord Insurance normally includes malicious damage by tenants. Not so normal is coverage against accidental damage by tenants. Make sure your policy includes this. Damage to your IP by fire would surely be covered by the building insurance, which is separate...
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    Lending Problems

    Reply: From: Ric1 . Brian, Why don't you put the IP in both your names? That would get around the problem. Even 99%/1% would do the trick, if it becomes a tax issue. Ric
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    How do i calculate my tax benefits on my property

    Reply: 1 From: Ric1 . Hi Denise, You don't. Your accountant does. cheers, Ric
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    Estate Estate

    From: Ric1 . Seeking some information here..... My mother-in-law died recently, leaving her house to be sold and the proceeds to be split between her son and her daughter (my wife). The will stipulates that her son has first option of buying the house, but my wife is not mentioned. If he...
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    Need help from Sydney CBD experts

    Reply: 1 From: Ric1 . Jason, can you attach some bi-focals with your posts?!! Ric
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    Rates down 0.25% again

    Reply: From: Ric1 . The cheap money (combined with poor share performance) will encourage investment in real estate now, but this may rebound on those with marginal servicing ability when the rates go up again, as inevitably they will a year or so down the track. Then, we may find...
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    FHOG question

    Reply: 5 From: Ric1 . To take Jasmine's (ex-)agent's argument to its logical conclusion, if she and her 9 brothers went equal shares in a new property, they could expect $140 000 FHOG! Wow, way to go!! Ric
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    Tenant Application Pro-forma

    Reply: 1.1.1 From: Ric1 . Thanks Owen and Chris - and also those generous souls who emailed me privately with their electronic versions. It is very kind of you, and I am most grateful. A prime example of a great, co-operative forum! Ric
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    Tenant Application Pro-forma

    From: Ric1 . Hi Folks, Does anyone have a ready-made application form that you get prospective tenants to fill out, as a means of assessing their suitability as a tenant? I would be grateful to have a copy for a friend who has just re-furbished his first IP, and is ready to fill it...
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    best time to buy and sell

    Reply: 2.1 From: Ric1 . The best time to sell is never! Ric
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    "Help, investment v's business loan"

    Reply: 1.1.1 From: Ric1 . Hi Rolf, Another question, if I may: You wrote: "If you have signed a lease though which is to a management group that may make it a serviced apartment in which case some lenders get very uppity" Why? Thanks, Ric
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    Learn to become a millionaire faster

    Reply: From: Ric1 . Running the words "Garry Compton" through the Google search engine makes for interesting research! Ric
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    how to renovate prior to settlement with no dosh?

    Reply: From: Ric1 . Didn't Geoff1 give up doing seminars so he make some REAL $$$ - doing property investment??!! Ric
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    "IP - new or old, better?"

    Reply: From: Ric1 . Hi Martin, Instead of paying P&I, why don't you pay IO, and the money you have saved on those repayments by not paying P&I you invest in a managed fund or some such, earning maybe 15%? If you are paying P&I, you are only effectively saving 6-7% (whatever your...