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    Carbon tax Feel free to shoot your PM your thoughts on the carbon tax. Only takes a few minutes.
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    whoops just lost +200K

    Pieman some things i consider when looking at the future for residential property prices. Pro's - Increasing incomes: This makes property easier to purchase (I work in public sector and we have guaranteed increases of 3.5% P.A until 2014) - Increased costs to build (from increased...
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    Austerity Bill passed

    Mr Fab = Mark.L? Yeah i was watching the BBC news live of when the vote got passed, man its chaos out their in Greece. I read a good outline of what caused the problems. 1.) 2002 Greece adopts Euro 2.)Greece went on a big, debt-funded spending spree, including paying for high-profile...
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    Making our money work for us?

    Some sound advice provided by VyBerlinaV8 as usual. Nothing really more to add to that.
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    Woohoo! Finance came through!

    Howdy Belbo, Congrats with the purchase, hopefully works out in your favor
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    anti plain package smokes ads

    Nikolina, even tho your intention is great the plan to ban is unrealistic and wouldn't work... it's impossible to completely control human behavior, I'm guessing you don't smoke... neither do i.. People who want to do it are going to do it regardless, i think it's better that its legal and...
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    Something you may want to read..... or may not!

    I paid a **** load in LMI, you would think the policy would cover everything under the sun
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    Anyone own/owned a Aust Post biz?

    I haven't owned one, but i think you would have to look at the trend more people are using email/internet for communication/paying bills.
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    Best growth suburb in brisbane?

    I was on a holiday awhile back in brisbane cbd, i really liked the area very nice and wouldn't mind living their in the future Regards, RH
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    buyers agent - brisbane

    I've used Allan before and he gets my thumbs up :)
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    Is Australia facing an economic downturn/recession?

    I was in the 8% Lol. To put your comment RE 30% drop into my perspective and why i think its not going to happen. - I purchased a place in 2008 for $335,000 in Emu plains, NSW (4 bed, 2 bathroom, carport, brick, pretty nice inside, nice block) Feel free to have a look on
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    So Why do You Invest in Property ?

    Some main reasons *Ability of SAFE leverage (90% LVR and it's highly unlikely the lender will force the sale of the asset if the price drops) * Burrow against increased value cheaply/safely (Low interest rates) *Gives me lifestyle options (I can move into one of the places if i wish)...
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    Is Australia facing an economic downturn/recession?

    Hobo-Jo, I see your bearish posts on property here and on hotcopper. I think we all know what your feelings are towards the asset class. I much prefer your posts on making money (Eg. Gold/silver stocks, asset allocating) you are a smart dude and probably have alot more to offer then this...
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    Is Australia becoming a Nanny State

    Thread starter regards to the offensive behavior/language My position involves giving fines for offensive behaviour/language, obviously if someone accidentally drop's the F bomb its no hassles. But if their is a bunch of school kids around and they are verbally abusing someone at the top of...
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    CBA Valuation - are they undervaluing properties?

    Sash really do get p*ssed when stuff doesn't go your way. (don't get me wrong from what i've read in your previous posts you seem like a pretty cool dude) My broker suggested before doing loan top ups i order some valuations from CBA's valuer, i think at the time they had a...