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    Conveyancing in Queensland

    Try Nigels firm, which I know that he gets good service at. Or I always use Tunns Lawyers, Level 8 183 North Quay, Brisbane CBD. Ph 07 3229 9722. I get my purchasing done for $450 + dispursements, the bill usually adds up to about $650 in total inc gst. And there selling is done for...
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    Major Bagging on Wrapping FYI Was anyone else just watching "Insight" on SBS?? We saw it purely by "flicking" through the TV stations. They have just had a major bagging on Wrapping! Blacklisting Rick Otton & Steve McKnight. They even have a "spy" in at Rick's Wrap Camp this...
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    What happened to the Freestyler Website???

    Re: Re: What happened to the Freestyler Website??? Thankyou Michael Tracey and Robert
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    Wanting to rent a property in Bondi/Coogee

    Hi Everyone. Just wondering if anyone has a 3/4 bedroom unit/house for rent in the Bondi/Coogee area? I am willing to sign up a 12 month contract either through an agent or directly with the landlord (if you wish). Feel free to make contact through my email address...
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    potts point

    Best person to ask questions of for properties in the Potts Point and Kings Cross area is Paul Zag. Might want to send him a PM. Cheers Robert
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    Jamie Oliver

    Hehe... I am really enjoying Jamies latest show. And being an X-Chef I see all the undercurrents that most do not see. Cooking is not something that is learnt per-say. Great chefs simply "just have it", the ability that is. Jamie is one of these chefs, having worked with him in London...
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    FREE Options Trading Seminar for Sydney & Melbourne

    I find this thread both funny and distrubing... Jerry has posted up about a seminar, which is great. And the first thing that he gets jumped on about is "Whats His Agenda?". A very negative start to replies and it goes down hill from there. The funny thing is, at no stage has anyone as...
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    Can you make money in a downtrend?

    You always make more money by negotiating harder in a down turned market... Then the added benefits of reno'ing, wrapping, developing are compounded even more so. It always amazes me why people don't negotiate hard when they are buying property. Remember, they want what you have...
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    Using UK bank cheque as deposit

    Um, not to say Elizabeth is wrong here. But I have never had a cheque from the UK take more then 7 business days to clear. This was through Westpac and Which Bank.... Cheers Robert
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    Property Files

    Disclaimer: The product I use is also sold via Freestyler Events, however I am just explaing what I use as this is part of the thread. Also, the person who developed this product is also my accountant (Tony Commisso). Take it however you like.... I use a ring bound folder system called WYN...
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    "General" networking - any advice?

    Hi Lucas General Networking can be the best style of networking around. This is usually when you are being "yourself" and, hopefully, having fun. I attended a Wayne Berry seminar during the week with a friend of mine. During the tea/coffee break everyone networked with each other. My...
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    Qld Land tax

    Hi Dave Here is the direct link into the Office Of State Revenue for QLD who manage Land Tax up there. Cheers Robert
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    Quiz: Guess the Sydney Suburb with the lowest rental yeild?

    One thing to remember about these figures is that they are for those who buy into the market today (or the last 3-6 months). Others who have held their properties for any longer then 2 years then these returns will be higher, and those who have held these properties for 10 years will have...
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    Pros and cons of security system

    Hi Peter One of my properties has a kick arse alarm system installed in it too. The person who had the house built worked for Cubb and his day job was to install security alarms. My house now has 2 panick rooms, video monitors of the front door in two locations within the house, room by...
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    Freestyler M2M meetings - TONIGHT!

    Hi all, message from Nivia (aka The Wife). For some reason she can't log onto the forum at the moment. Cheers Robert Freestyler M2M meetings - TONIGHT! Adelaide Hotel Adelaide International Lobby Bar 62 Brougham Place, North Adelaide (I have warned the staff that you will be...