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    Becoming a Mortgage Broker?

    Rolf Latham is the best Rolf Latham was my mentor and therefor I'd say he deserves the title 'best mortgage broker on SS' PS: Sold my loanbook to Trailerhomes (very smooth and professional transaction with Nick Young); my clients are now looked after by my team from Trilogy in Canberra (my...
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    Seminar Property Update (Michael Yardney)

    Hi eastpack101, if you send me an e-mail (not anonymous) I will organise two free tickets for you to attend the Perth seminar. Please come and look me up in the breaks so we can have a chat. But I have to disappoint you - there is no hard sell at the end. Regards Rolf Schaefer...
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    The 2009 property market - by Michael Yardney

    Hi all, I thought that you might be in the need of some positive outlook on property for the coming year. I don’t know if you have caught up with Michael Yardney's latest webcast. I recently listened to it an found his insights into the property market for 2009 realistic yet positive. He...
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    100 basis points RBA cut

    Westpac to pass on 0.8% Hi, Westpac announced that they will pass on 0.8% as of 13 Oct.
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    Companies in Melbourne to engage for developments

    Many of my clients have become successful property developers with the help of Michael Yardney and his great team at Metropole Projects.
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    Does westpac still do 85% w/out LMI

    In short, yes this is still available.
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    Anyway to waive/reduce current Exit Fees

    Many of our clients have been able to negotiate between 25% and 50% discount (depending on how long the loan was in place, usually no discount possible when loan has not been in place for at least 1 yr) on the DEF when re-financing from Macquarie.
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    Lo Doc LVR 85% to 90% still Exist??

    Hi Anu, with so much equity available you should better proceed as such: Access equity in your fully paid of IP Use this equity for deposit and costs get separate 80% loan against new property
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    Westpac fixed rates discounts

    No, Westpac redraw facility on fixed loans has not been increased. St George offers 0.2% discount on fixed rates CBA offers 0.15% discount on fixed rates.
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    Westpac fixed rates discounts

    I am sure that you can get the discount if you convert some of your variable rate loans to fixed rate loans. Remember, variable rate discount 0.8bps (in your case); fixed rate loan discount 0.2bps. Example: Variable Investment loan rate currently at 9.61% less standard 0.7% discount - actual...
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    Westpac fixed rates discounts

    As of 21 July Westpac will offer a 0.2% discount on all fixed rate loans within their pro pack - for new business only.
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    MIG July Meeting

    1 for me please
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    Becoming a broker - Which aggregator?

    Over the past 6 years I have been CHOICE, PLAN and FAST and must say I prefer CHOICE due to their ongoing education and software support. Others are quite happy with AFG. Be sure to check your contract and see what happens to your trail income should you wish to join another aggregator or...
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    AMP cancels Low Doc discounts

    Hi Gross, I come from Europe and do have IPs in Europe and I can assure you that No Doc loans are NOT available at all for standard residential lending. As a matter of fact, usually you are restricted to P&I and a max LVR of 70% (that is at least mainly true for countries such as Germany...